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Would you believe me if I told you I actually believe in less is more? Despite all the titles I carry, I simply believe they are that - titles. They coexist as I navigate this thing called life. Some days I lean more into another, but over all I am simply just me: MJ, or legally known as Mallory Hank-Johnson (I told you, I love hypens!).

I didn’t always have this life: the followers, the brand deals, the courses, the podcast, the clients...

Before all of those things, I've proudly been a transplant of Las Vegas, Nevada for over 30 years (dating myself here).  Zell, my husband and fellow desert dweller, is in the Army National Guard, which certainly keeps our lives very interesting.  Our family is beautifully blended, with Shyanne and Jason being my bonus kids, Lucky as our rainbow-IVF baby.

I've been fortunate to build a lucrative career as a certified project manager in the casino gaming industry.  But in 2021, I joined the Great Resignation and set my eyes on becoming a full-time entrepreneur.  Once the honeymoon phase was over I realized I built a completely misaligned business.  As I started (nervously) saying no to business opportunities, a Web 3.0 career presented itself and now I get to build the metaverse, putting all the skills, desires, and dreams I've garnered over the years to use. 


With all the hyphens, labels, and roles I've had over the years there's one thing I've learned: to never be afraid of starting over and rewriting your story.  Now my intention is to help others do the same by simply showing up and sharing the process of my own ebbs and flows.  Sometimes it's clear and strategic, and sometimes it's messy as hell.  But that's how life goes and I'm not afraid to keep it real.

Slow mornings,
green juice (plus a carb), good skincare,
 owning your worth,
 and really great hair.

Slow mornings,
green juice (plus a carb), good skincare,
your worth,
 and really great hair.

I'm a firm believer there is no good or bad: things just exist. For example, there are no bad foods nor super foods, it's all about moderation. I take this notion in all things in my life: energy, hustle, time, love, social media, etc.  Sometimes I over indulge and when that happens I learn to get back into alignment. Sometimes I forget what's available to me and therefore utilize things as tools to move forward. 


My 2024 mantra is "fearless action" and thru that I'm excited to empower as many solopreneurs in bringing their dreams and brands to life!


Quit my job and went on the wildest self-awareness journey. Later found myself in the metaverse while working for a NFT start-up and launched the A Life by You store on Etsy!

2021 - 2023

Launched A Life by You podcast and refined my coaching business to create my signature Social Media Roadmaps.


Launched my e-course and coaching business. Totally had no clue what I was doing but kept moving and trying!


Lots of wins this year: earned my PMP certification, became a mother and earned $10K in brand deals.


Rebranded to LifebyMJ and bought my very first DSLR camera, Canon Rebel T3i. Made a goal to pay for that camera within a year (~$700 including a 50mm lens).


Lots of transforming between this time: enrolled back in college to try becoming a nurse, started a catering business and even was a cocktail waitress. 


Got married to my love, Zell! Created a solo blog, themuymal.com, based upon my high school nickname Muy Mal (means very bad  in Spanish).


Started a blog with my best friends called 20andsomechange.com. Really became the foundation of what I continue to do today!



I know how it feels to be a bit lost but have this tiny voice inside that wants to be heard.  Let me help you sort it all out!  Whether through my e-courses or working one-on-one, let's figure out how to get your daydream into reality!

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