I'm MJ, the founder of Soulful Social Studios, where we empower ambitious entrepreneurs like you to shine on social media. From crafting a bespoke presence that captivates your audience to navigating the complexities of Instagram with ease, our suite of services is designed to elevate your brand to new heights.

Whether you're seeking comprehensive support through our All-Inclusive Agency, looking for personalized growth strategies with The Velvet Roadmap, or aiming to refine your Instagram with our tailored Audits, we're here to ensure your social media journey is as seamless and successful as you dream it to be. Let's transform your online presence together, making every post count and every strategy win.

Feeling like your brand needs a curly-haired gal's touch?

Let me help you build your authentic brand!


I help badass,
multi-hyphenated creators uncover their purpose and find their passion.

You know the saying: "a jack of all trades is a master of none."
But did you know the rest is: ."..but oftentimes better than a master of one."

If you're anything like me, you LOVE experimenting, trying, and playing but also want to be strategic with your time. You don't want to be put into a box only to demolish it later.  You're a human so that means you're ever-evolving, ever-learning, and ever-changing because you know your life wasn't meant to be lived by staying still (at least all the time).  But you may lack strategy and intent which can get you all out of wack and not in alignment with what you really want in life. 

our expertise:

We help badass female creative entreprenuers uncover their purpose and find their passion.

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because I know what you can accomplish when you discover what's *possible* 

As a big dreamer myself, I used to feel like something was wrong with me for always starting and stopping projects and moving on to the next thing.  It wasn't until I created a strategy, project managed my life, and shifted my mindset that I realized creating and discovery were really my super powers.

Now I'm determined to show other multi-hyphenated women that you can do all the things, you just have to set and manage realistic expectations. Whether it's diving deep on this on the podcast, mapping it out in one of my courses or chatting one-on-one, I have a variety of ways to help you get incremental growth toward that daydream.


Real talk,
aligned strategy,
foofy caffeinated drinks,
inspiring emails, 
your superpower.

what you won't:

bandaid fixes,
the word "aesthetic",
that hustle game.

REady to make some shifts?

Don't let another day, week, month or even a year pass by on your daydream.  Act now to start building the life you desire and deserve to have.  Best thing is: you don't have to do the work alone! Check below on how we can work together:

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