Isn't it time you made money with instagram content?

The Plan for the Gram Bundle

The Plan for the Gram Bundle

Includes two e-courses: Pitch Pro Academy and For Da Gram so you can master Instagram and monetizing your content all in one place!


The Plan for the Gram Bundle 

The Plan for the Gram Bundle will help you in all phases of building your social media brand and business.

 From creating consistent content, growing followers, converting your audience to customers, or pitching yourself to brands and other businesses, these courses deliver real results — in proven and actionable ways.

$894 Value, Now Only $100

The first thing you need to do is believe.

It’s Time To Change Your Approach

Understanding your incomparable value in a saturated industry is the key to standing out. Knowing how to convey that with confidence to potential followers and the brands you love is a skill you can develop.

There is a right and wrong way to grow your following and pitch to your favorite businesses and it’s not your fault that you haven't figured it out on your own.

Negotiating like a boss isn’t something you were taught in school.  And the constant Instagram algorithm changes don't make it easy!

You’re thinking how will I ever get from here to there?

Believe me, I've been where you are.


The plan for the gram

Two jam-packed courses to help you finally master Instagram AND monetize your content by working with your dream brands and partners!

Let's break it down

Here's What You'll Get


COURSE #1 • $397 Value

Pitch Pro Academy

Whether you're an influencer looking to pitch brands or an entrepreneur wanting to create strategic partnerships to grow your business, pitching can be a substantial revenue stream! Learn the same methods that have landed me over 100 brand partnerships with 4-figure payouts, podcast interviews, speaking engagements and other opportunities.


COURSE #2 • $397 Value

For Da Gram

As an influencer and coach, Instagram is my #1 referral! But it's also an ever-changing platform with an even more confusing algorithm. If you're looking to set up your Instagram for long term success, curate quality content, and grow your followers, this course will help you!


*BONUS HANDBOOK* • $100 Value — FREE

Killer Content Creator Handbook

The KCC Handbook is a quick reference guide to help grow your social media business the right way. From growing followers, building a blog or even a brand, this handbook will keep you on track!

Videos Included:

  • Identifying Brands & Partners to Pitch
  • Negotiating Brand Deals
  • During and After Collaborations

Videos Included:

  • IG Basics
  • Create Consistent Content
  • Cultivate an Audience


  • How to Grow Followers
  • Starting a Blog Must Haves
  • Branding Identity Guide

How Does This Sound?

After finishing this bundle you’ll:


Understand your brand value and how you can differentiate yourself to get in front of the right brands


Lock in deals and get paid to promote products on social media, (even with less than 1,000 followers)


Know how to write persuasive, high-converting pitches to brands you’ve never dreamed possible


Feel confident and fired up negotiating and closing brand deals like a boss


Uncover your natural ability to pitch yourself in a way that will leave brands wanting more

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How It Works

Master the Algorithm

Growing on Instagram can be frustrating! Learn how to create an Instagram media strategy to grow your followers.

Curate Quality Content

Learn how to make Instagram content that is true to you and your brand on a consistent basis.

Make Money, Honey

Monetize your audience by pitching to dream brands but also to other businesses to create strategic partnerships.

“If you want to lead, be the voice people like you need to hear”

- Ashley Chymiy

Certified Community Testimonials

Tyler got clarity.

This course left me feeling inspired and motivated to keep chasing my influencer dreams.

I love this course because it really helped me define my purpose and realize that there's room for my voice in this online world. I also love all of the templates and worksheets MJ provides! I would highly suggest signing up if you're feeling stuck or uninspired! MJ is encouraging, authentic, and honest about her journey of building a brand while also balancing everyday life. Very relatable!!!

Jacent scaled her business

Working with her has been one of the best business decisions I could have ever made.

MJ is approachable, kind and goes above and beyond! Working with her has been one of the best business decisions I could have ever made. I have been able to show up more authentically on social media and the results speak for themselves. I am consistently adding value to my audience, landing high profile guests on my podcast, and making connections as well as appearances with household names in my industry.

Kendra's followers more than doubled

After taking MJ's course I've found that my engagement is better and I'm now approaching 3,000 followers!

For the longest time my follower count was very stagnant and I couldn't seem to get past 1,500 followers. After taking Mallory's course I've found that my engagement is better and I'm now approaching 3,000 followers! This course provides you with the information that others neglect to tell you. It is completely transparent and in this industry we need more of this!

JayJay Had a breakthrough

For Da Gram is not like any other Instagram course out there.

MJ does not hold back in this course! The information she shares is useful, practical, and absolutely amazing! For Da Gram is not like any other Instagram course out there. Get ready to shift your thinking on being an Influencer, then get ready to start making money!

Tyler Chanel | @ThriftsandTangles

Jacent Wamala | @JacentsGems

Kendra Jay | @kendrajayy

Jay Braggs | @withjaybraggs

You're stronger than you think you are. But if you're anything like me, you need help to take your super power to the next level. You just want someone to tell you what works.

You’re the kind of hard-core, go-getter who is determined to succeed.

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars on expensive courses, coaches and masterminds to get crystal clear on your place in the online space.

I want you to stand tall in your uniqueness, advocate for yourself, spread your powerful message and be confident in what you have to offer.

I am passionate about this program because I know it works.

My mission is to help as many women as possible live a life they love. So it’s important to me to make my programs accessible.

Inexpensive doesn’t mean ineffective.

There may be THOUSANDS of CONTENT CREATORS AND ENTREPRENEURS out there, but there’s only one you!


A year from now you will have wished you started today....

So Let's Get Started!

Hey there!

I'm Mallory, your new content creator BFF.

Legally Mallory Hank-Johnson, most people know me as a motherhood blogger and the influencer of

I was able to quit my job to become a full-time entrepreneur because I learned how to make money from collaborations with brands and businesses. Thanks to this and my former job experience I now hold a lucrative position in NFT/cryptocurrency as a project manager.

But it wasn't always this way. 

When I started out on social media, I had no clue what iI was doing. I lacked the confidence, the strategy, and a plan on how to tell my story, grow my influence and make money while doing.

Now as a successful creator, digital storyteller and mother, I am a real-life example of how you can stay true to yourself while showing up. Building a successful brand takes a great strategy, a success mindset and a willingness to trust in the universe. I have helped women all over the world by teaching them to source their power from within.

the thing is: it's NOT ABOUT BEING "SPECIAL". 

Wisdom From a Real Influencer

I started my online entrepreneurial journey from scratch. A little nervous and without any experience. 

After dabbling in the digital marketplace for over 12 years I got smart, learned lots, and developed a powerful and effective strategy for pitching. I secured brand deals with: Coca Cola, Target, Hp (Hewlett Packer) Johnson & Johnson, Sally’s Beauty, Costco Wholesale, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, Oreo, Revlon, Carol’s Daughter And Vera Bradley and more.

Today, I’m a powerhouse influencer and entrepreneur with over 100 brands in my portfolio.



The problem is you underestimate your voice, your message and your sway. I want to help you find it so you can create envy-causing relationships with brands that keep coming back for more.

Selling yourself is a skill. One that can be learned.

My goal is to empower you with the confidence and natural ability to successfully pitch yourself, your brand and/or your business to your dream partners.

If I Did It, So Can You!

Study at your own pace

Plan based on your learning style


Follow a proven roadmap

Let's Do This Thing!

So what are you waiting for?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this BUNDLE for?

This course can be used by influencers, entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to work with brands, leverage their brand or build strategic partnerships.

How Much Does The Program Cost?

You pay a one time fee of $200 for The Plan for the Gram Bundle, which includes both Pitch Pro Academy (valued $397), For Da Gram (valued 3297). As a bonus, you will also receive the Killer Content Creator Handbook (valued $100).

How long do I have access?

You have lifetime access which means you can go through this program as slowly or as quickly as you want. But don’t sit on it! Your goals are only achieved when you take action.

Do I have to be an influencer?

No! Mastering Instagram and pitching is lucrative for anyone who is interested in collaboration and wants to do it right.

Will this Really work for me?

This course contains the framework and tools to successfully master Instagram and pitch to your dream brands. All you gotta do is be willing to put yourself out there and try.

Do you offer refunds?

Since this program is delivered in a digital format with all the information provided up front refunds are unavailable.  However, feedback and questions are encouraged so you get the most out of the course!

Does this include pricing and how to find brands?

Absolutely! I share must have tools, websites and the ultimate strategy to find ideal partners and price yourself accordingly.

I have more questions...

Ask away! Email for any and all questions!