September 15, 2017

Meet Daisy & Buddy

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Meet Daisy & Buddy


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I got Daisy a few months before I met Zell.  I was living alone in my first home and thought I wanted I dog.  So I went on to Craigslists and stumbled upon her.  I remember sharing the post with a friend asking what she thought, and her saying, you should get her.

So I reached out to Daisy’s mom, who stated she could no longer keep Daisy due to her son’s severe allergies.  I shared with her I was interested and would be home to take care of her as at the time I worked a lot from home.  Her mom arranged for me to meet Daisy at their home.  When we met, Daisy laid her head right on my knees and looked straight into my eyes.  It was love at first sight.

Or so I thought.  Fast forward to 7+ years later, and Daisy does this endearing-puppy-dog-eyes, lay-my head-on-your-knee thing with ANYONE.  And she gets everyone with it.  Still, I know (or at least like to think) she loves me the most.  I give her nourishment, walks, shelter, and grooming.  Hell, she better love me, lol.

If you’re wondering, she’s a cockapoo, which is a mix of a cocker spaniel and poodle.  She’s too smart for her own good, super loving, but also enjoys her alone time.  My dad says she is me in a dog.  I am starting to agree with him.

Now Buddy, the shih-tzu, was given to me by my dad and step-mom.  They recognized that they were too far busy to give him the attention he deserves and knew he really like Daisy.  So before looking to find him a new home with a stranger, they asked if I was interested, which of course I obliged.

Buddy is a little lover as well, but is fragile.  He gets scared while eating his own food when his dog tag hits the bowl.  And he’s definitely not as smart as Daisy, but, it certainly keeps him out of less trouble than her.  He loves a good snuggle and is a true lap dog.

Anyways, I just love them both to death.  They’ve both been lost countless times when we are away on trips (it’s as if they are looking for us) and thankfully they have always been returned.  And although Zell may say Daisy is his favorite, I know he has a soft spot for Buddy.

They bring so much selfless and innocent love into their home and I love them for that.



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