October 10, 2017

Brother + Nephew Time

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Brother + Nephew Time


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Charles is the oldest of my 3 younger brothers.  He’s named after my dad, who’s technically Charles Lee Hank III, making him the fourth.  When my brother was expecting his son, he was on the fence if he would name him after himself, continuing this tradition.

I’m not going to lie, I tried persuading him not to.  My reasons were because having another Charles would just be confusing, lol.  I mean, having three generations of Charles’ alive is pretty awesome, but people were already confused which Charles I was referencing when I used the name.  But, I’m happy that he didn’t listen to me because my nephew, Charles Lee Hank V, has the coolest nickname, Cinco.

Most people who hear us say his nickname are like, “why are they calling this kid the number five in Spanish?”  Cinco is technically half black, half Mexican.  I asked his mom did it bother her that we call him that and she said no, noting that her family even call him Cinco.  I do wonder what he will do when he goes to school.  Will they call him Charles?  Or will he advise them to call him Cinco?

Anyways, Charles (my brother) and I got together one Sunday and hung out with Cinco.  We took Daisy and Buddy for a walk, and Cinco felt like a big kid holding Buddy’s leash.  Considering Buddy is a shih-tzu it made sense for him to take the smaller dog, but I don’t think Buddy is the biggest fan of my nephew.  Buddy, approaching 8 years of age, wasn’t used to all his energy.  But he was patient and allowed Cinco to pet and hug him.

While hanging out I took these shots, which was hard as Cinco was a constant moving target.  Still, it was fun and I can’t help to think how adorable my little nephew is.

Later we went to the book store which Cinco really enjoyed and wanted every book.  Charles said next time we would have to take him to the library instead.

Afterwards we went to our mom’s house so Cinco could get some Grandma time.  In all, it was a good day.



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