December 4, 2017

Beauty Swag

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Beauty Swag


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At the recent Turkey Recovery Day Brunch I received an awesome gift bag filled with super cute beauty items! I mean, a girl can never have too many beauty things in her arsenal, am-I-right?!

First off this amazing nail art and protection kits by Pretty Woman NYC are a life saver for this holiday season.

Next, you know I’m a big hair girl and this It’s A 10 hair Miracle Shine Spray is so needed with as much as I do to my hair!

Then, who doesn’t need a new make up brush, especially with this holiday season?? Thanks MOTD Cosmetics! 

Then last but definitely not least you have this super cute natural Crystal Body Deodorant. I’ve been wanting to try all-natural deoderant so this had great timing too! 

Thanks to all these awesome sponsors for all of these amazing goodies and be sure to check them out for yourselves!!



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