December 7, 2017

Had a Ball at the Ball

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Had a Ball at the Ball


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This years Army National Guard Military Ball was fun as usual.  I honestly I look forward to it each year as it’s the one time of the year that I get all dressed up in a gown and hang with the awesome army wives.  I force Zell to take a picture and this year’s I actually liked.

I also brought along my camera to capture some of the fun moments thru the night and it did not disappoint.

It’s funny because year after year all the men, who see each other all the time, disappear at some point to hang out with one another, leaving all the wives at the dinner table.  Since this has happened so much, we ladies have gotten to know each other pretty well and now seem to have found out stride.  We definitely have an unspoken bond due to our hubbies who have made so many sacrifices for our country.

Already looking forward to next years!



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