November 20, 2018

#ABloggersHoliday at Nordstrom + The Fashion Mall

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#ABloggersHoliday at Nordstrom + The Fashion Mall


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Oh so much shopping to do this holiday season! Especially if you have a big family like I do! But now with having a baby, my time is ultra limited so I’m always on the look out on how to do things quicker and easier.  Thankfully Nordstrom and the Fashion Show Mall has provided some simple and easy ways to make holiday shopping easier this season.

First off, the only Nordstrom in Las Vegas is located at the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip.  As a local, it can be hard getting down to The Strip but Nordstrom and the mall has such good stuff!  To ease the trek of doing your holiday shopping there, the Fashion Show Mall has set up preferred parking for locals on Thursdays, making it easy to snag a spot and get your shop on ASAP.  Additionally, parking at the mall is always free, a treat now on The Strip.

Nordstrom has also made strides to make it easier for the local shopper or those pinched for time by offering personal shopping.  Seriously you can send them your holiday list or let them know what you need help to look and they will grab all your items for you!   This is awesome because it can be so hard thinking of something special for everyone if your list is long.  Additionally, picking up your gifts are easy at their Order Pickup, where you can simply walk inside and grab your bags or even have them bring your items to your car.  Lastly, Nordstrom will gift wrap any items you purchase, no matter the amount spent, so that you are all set to deliver to your loved ones.  Seriously, they are making this way too easy!

In terms of gift item offerings, the newly remodel Nordstrom has a ton of curated experiences and amenities.  Probably my most favorite thing is the newly designed beauty area that has 28 new brands as well as a Beauty Concierge to help you navigate thru all the options and services they offer.

Some unique things within the new beauty department are Lancome’s Custom Made Foundation.  We all know sometimes it’s hard finding that perfect foundation color to match and this new technology takes all the guesswork out by literally scanning your skin to make the perfect color for you!

Now Nordstrom is also known for its amazing shoe offerings, clothes, and generous return policy.  But did you know that the retailer also carries toys?  And not just any toys of course.  Unique games and sets you can’t find elsewhere, and some with a somewhat retro appeal.  These allow you to ensure that special little one won’t receive that gift from anyone else!

In addition to their tailoring services, the store also offers custom embroidery to any item of your choice.  Now you can personalize and add a little flair to a jacket, jeans and even shoes for that special someone.

And if you aren’t taking advantage of Nordstrom’s order pick up and happen to shop the store, well we all know shopping is a form of cardio and therefore can work up an appetite.  To refuel after a day of gifting, head on over to their new in-house restaurant Jeannie’s.  The contemporary Italian restaurant offers a variety of options from pizza, salads and pastas.  Oh and wine because there’s a full bar!

With all of these services, the Fashion Mall and Nordstrom’s are making it super easy to get your gift shopping done.  Be sure to visit soon!

The Fashion Mall and Nordstrom’s are located on the famous Las Vegas Strip at 3200 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109.



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