October 31, 2019

Sisley-Paris at Nordstrom

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Sisley-Paris at Nordstrom


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If you’ve been hanging with me on the blog for a while now, you know I like all the pretty thangs. Especially when it comes to caring for my skin and finding top quality make up and hair products. I didn’t quite realize it but over time I have become a total beauty product junkie! And there is no shame in my game, LOL!

To fuel my beauty dreams, Nordstrom at the Fashion Show has an incredible beauty department they revamp and debuted last year. Every time I visit I’m always finding something new that I just have got to have. On my latest visit I learned more all about the plant-based yet luxurious Sisley-Paris. That’s right ladies, you can have both! Matter of fact, Sisley-Paris offers a full range of beauty products from anti-aging skin care, improving hair growth, and makeup that literally lasts ALL DAY.

Hair Care: Hair Rituel by Sisley

While I’ve mentioned Sisley-Paris before, I never quite realized how impactful their latest haircare line is. Hair Rituel by Sisley takes a long term and short term approach. If you are needing immediate help in making your hair look better, Sisley-Paris’s products are packed with oils that nourish and revitalize hair cuticles to help it appear smoother. Long term, their products target the scalp to promote hair vitality and help you grow your best hair overall.

For my kinky, curly hair, Jospeh recommended both the Revitalizing Fortifying Serum For The Scalp plus the Precious Hair Care Oil Glossiness and Nutrition. While most may think that an oil on your hair would cause it to weigh down, these products in particular are packed with light yet nourishing oils like passion fruit, shea, cotton and moringo. This is important to me especially with my curly afro as the bigger, the better! And even the day after demoing these products, my hair appeared to not only look better but also felt SO much softer and stronger! And did I mention they both smell great – literally like a spa in a bottle.

Long-Lasting Makeup

While it’s always fun to play dress up, it’s also important to have a solid day-time make up look. While I walked in with a full face of makeup, Joseph was able show me how to up-level my existing look using Sisley-Paris’s products.

sisley-paris makeup plant based

On my eyes he used the Phyto Eyes Twist in Copper (11) and Black Rose (14) which is super waterproof. Upon applying the product, you are able to create a bit of a smudge but after a few seconds it stays put. I later put it to the test by taking a run later that afternoon and my makeup still looked fresh and ready! Joseph also used the Les Phyto-Ombres in Glow Pearl (40) on my lid to brighten it up. He then applied the So Intense Mascara in Deep Blue which instantly changed my whole look. I’ve always been afraid to use colored mascara but this one was a game changer! It seemed to bring a level of intensity and sultry-ness to my look that was still great for the day and night.

For lips, instead of doing your lip liner, lipstick and then gloss, Joseph suggested to do it backwards! He started with the Phyto-Lip Delight that is an oil the brightens the lip. Next, he used the Phyto-Lip Twist which is a tinted balm to moisturize and make them appear supple and plump. Lastly he applied the liner, Phyto-Levres Perfect lip liner that didn’t bleed but still was soft when applied.

Plant-Based Skincare

To finalize the look, Joseph recommended applying the Eye Contour Mask. While most of us think of putting on something for our eyes beforehand, this product can be used anytime. Within 10 minutes of using it you will go from sleepy mama to hot woke mama. The Eye Contour Mask uses natural ingredients to reduce puffiness while nourishing our fragile eye area such as Ginkgo biloba, Arnica, Horse Chestnut, Linden blossom, Provitamin B5 and Vitamin E acetate. Seriously ladies: this one is worth every penny!

There are even more Sisley-Paris products available for all your beauty needs at Nordstrom in Fashion Show here in Las Vegas. From haircare, skin, to makeup, this plant-based line not only is conscious but actually works!

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