June 23, 2020

Getting Ready for a Video Conference Call

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Getting Ready for a Video Conference Call


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Zoom, Teams, Skype, Facetime: it seems like video-conference calls are not the future but are now, especially in the midst of this pandemic. I don’t know about you guys, but I have been on video conference calls nonstop. And although it’s super easy to not turn on the camera on your computer, laptop or phone, sometimes you have no choice but to show your face.

lifebymj natural curly kinky hair

But trying to figure out what to wear while on camera can sometimes seem as hard as finding an outfit for an event! And I should know: I’ve been on video calls for everything: work, coaching sessions, podcast interviews, toddler play dates, birthday parties, and even cocktails with my girlfriends.

If you’re anything like me, although you’re in front of the camera, you want to remain comfortable while still looking presentable. We’ve all seen where people adopt the mullet-style for video-conference calls, meaning business up top and casual on the bottom. But I’m a firm believer that getting fully dressed while even at home can really change your attitude towards the day. So for anyone who is struggling on what to wear for their next Zoom or video-conference call, here are a few general tips and outfits from Macy’s at Fashion Show depending on the audience, meeting, or event.


Most instances while I’m working my 9 to 5, I am chatting with clients and my peers while also chasing Lucky around the house. And while the mullet-style definitely lends to be the easiest way to get out of bed and start working, I have found that there are ways you can still look cute, comfy, and classy all at the same time. Enter this matchy-matchy shirt and pants outfit by DKNY. This outfit not only can be separated to be worn with other pieces but has an elastic waist to help mitigate the quarantine-15. Plus with its light, airy, and super vibrant pattern you might be able to skip your morning coffee (okay, I admit, I’m probably pushing it, lol!).


Keeping Lucky engaged while at home has also been a struggle. And sure I know she loves Zell and me, I also know how much she loves being around other children which is such a struggle while social distancing. Thankfully I have found an assortment of toddler, mommy-and-me, and play groups via Zoom for her to attend so she can virtually hang out with children her age. Since she’s a busy body, most times I end up on the camera more than her so I definitely want to look a bit put together. With my limited time, I’ve found summer dresses are really easy to throw on and look put together in a pinch! This dress by Lucky Brand Jeans fits the bill for a virtual play-date by being loose, forgiving but still has a really cute pattern.

Virtual Happy Hour

Now some summer dresses are for the babies but others are for your squad! I’ve missed my friends terribly during this pandemic so I always look forward to a quick catch up on Facetime with my favorite summer cocktail nearby. Still seeking comfort yet cute, this Michael Kors dress has so many nice details such as the chain straps, blue snakeskin, and a sexy high slit that will be fun to wear on a date night. Plus the fabric is crazy soft and is wrinkle-free, which allows me to be ready for a virtual happy hour in minutes!

Social Distancing Party

This pandemic definitely has put a bit of a damper on celebrations but you have to love the ability of technology to bring us all together. From graduations to birthday parties, video-conferencing still allows us to connect and celebrate achievements and milestones from afar. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to dress up for the occasion. I think even while at home, you can still be fabulous and comfortable with the right outfit, like this two-piece set from Guess that I just LOVE. These wide-palazzo pants and ruffle spaghetti-strap top were so insanely comfortable they almost felt like a fabulous pajama set. Just grab a glass of wine or champagne, bake a treat, and virtually toast to your friends’ good fortune.

With a little strategy of comfy yet cute, you can find it’s easy for you to look ready for your next video-conference call. You can find all of these items plus so many more at Macy’s inside Fashion Show in Las Vegas.

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