July 1, 2020

She Paid Off $80,000 in Debt w/ Nicole Jones

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She Paid Off $80,000 in Debt w/ Nicole Jones


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Tackling financial debt is so important but the process can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to continue to have an ugly relationship with your money and finances. Nicole Jones is a fellow podcaster and project manager who recently paid off $80,000 of student loan debt! Listen in as Nicole shares tips on financial literacy, overcoming large amounts of debt, budgeting, and building healthy money habits. 

Quotes Worth Listening To:

  • “I wanted to break the stigma of living paycheck to paycheck” (6:04)
  • 3 tips for tackling debt (6:43)
  • What I really realized that the real issue was me (9:12)
  • Tips on seeking financial guidance (9:59)
  • “I just did not want to go back to having an overdrawn account for only $20 to my name.” (17:55) 
  • “You don’t have to live this way, you don’t have to be stressed about money”. (26:44)

Guest Info

  • Nicole Jones is the host and producer of Mediocre to Masterful, where listeners learn how everyday goalgetters have transformed their passions into a renewed lifestyle. Ultimately, this podcast teaches listeners to operate in their gifts and follow their goals. In addition to podcasting, Nicole also have another superpower – planning! Her 9-5 role is a project manager and will one day soon fully transition into my own consulting firm, The PM Suite.  Nicole is also the Programs Director of The Blk Pod Collective, a community created to fill the void of adequate representation for African-Americans within the podcast industry.
  • Find out more about Nicole by visiting her website, www.mediocretomasterful.com 
  • Follow Nicole on Instagram at @mediocretomasterful

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