April 18, 2022

Why I Love Great Jones Cookware: An Honest Review

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Why I Love Great Jones Cookware: An Honest Review


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Okay I have a confession: up until a few weeks ago, I was STILL using skillets, pots and pans that I’ve had before I met my husband, Zell. Did I mention, we’ve been together for over 10 years? I know, I know: it is way overdue for us to upgrade our cookware.  But with so many options out there, it has been difficult determining what really are the best cooking tools and items while also complimenting our style. As you all know, I love spending time in the kitchen, trying new recipes and dishes. I know I’m not a master chef, but I love how food brings my family together. The truth is, unfortunately my 10-year-old cookware just was not delivering in terms of cooking quality for our household anymore. So while I needed my kitchen essentials replaced, I did not want to just buy any cookware brand that would lead to the same problems and lack of quality. Plus, since I spend so much time in the kitchen, I really wanted a bit of personalization and luxury that was still affordable.  

That’s why I was eager to partner with Great Jones to try their Family Style bundle and let me tell you: my pot and pan dreams have officially come true! I’d love it if you purchase with me here on this post! I’m trying out this new commerce tool built by Fermat Commerce that allows you to buy products directly from the brand while staying on my page. Let me know what you think!

All About Great Jones

Great Jones is not your typical kitchenware company. They are all about making you feel proud to be in the kitchen while still using quality and affordable pieces. Their name pays homage to Judith Jones – a cookbook editor who has published the likes of Julia Child, Edna Lewis, James Beard – I mean, just a few talented and iconic cooks who revolutionized the kitchen. What I really love is how their cofounder and CEO, Sierra Tishgart, came up with the idea of Great Jones: after working as a food editor at New York Magazine for five years, she too longed for beautiful cookware that was quality made but with a reasonable price. Headquartered in and inspired by New York City, Great Jones is most notably known for their enameled cast-iron

Dutch oven (The Dutchess), our non-stick and nontoxic frying pans, and our colorful bakeware. Whether you are looking for a bold green or a muted yet strong black, their signature cookware pieces really stand out and fit into any kitchen style.

The Great Jones Family Style Bundle

To get a true taste of Great Jones’ items, I was happy to be gifted their Family Style bundle which really covers all your basics and more. This bundle includes a five-piece collection of essential cookware including The Dutchess, Big Deal, Saucy, Deep Cut, and Small Fry.  A mix of cast-iron and stainless-steel designs, these five pieces really help get the job done in the kitchen, save space, easy to clean and did a mention look so good? Here are a few more details about each piece:

The Dutchess: Not Your Grandma’s Dutch Oven

Probably my favorite piece, The Dutchess is not your typical dutch oven. You can immediately tell this item is built to last: with 3 layers of enamel for long-lasting durability, The Dutchess has a gray interior that is light enough to see when your butter has browned, but dark enough to hide stains. While it is pretty large at 6 ¾ quarts, it retains and distributes heat well.  I love that it works not only for one-pot meals that can be done on the stove, in the oven and even displayed on the table. Available in 8 colors, I opted to snag The Dutchess in Taffy, Good Jones’ pink, because you can never go wrong with it!

Luxury Stainless Steel Kitchenware: Big Deal, Saucy and Deep Cut

I’ll be honest: I personally have HATED stainless steel cookware in the past. Not only because they usually look the same but also because I find they do not last that well. After using the pots and pans from the Family Bundle I definitely have a huge change of heart. Here is why: these fully clad, stainless steel items not only look better than your typical stainless steel cookware but are far more functional.  Let’s dive into how each of the items measured up:

At 8 quarts, the Big Deal is a large stock pot that boils water fast while also allowing a four finger grip on its handles to ensure easy lifting. Both the Saucy and Deep Cut are 3 quarts but their smaller sizes are perfect for their respective specialities. I found the Deep Cut is a great hybrid between a pan and skillet, meaning perfect for large meals plus leftovers.  The Saucy lived up to its namesake plus more: while it can be used as your typical sauce pan it also has a pouring spout and measurements laser-etched into the side to make cooking and serving super easy.  

All three stainless steel cookware items within the Family Style bundle easily nestle within one another for easy storage and are oven and dishwasher safe.  Additionally, they all evenly distribute and hold heat evenly, which is necessary when you are cooking multiple things at once. And these are not your standard stainless steel posts: they all include gorgeous mixed-metals inspired by jewelry and long handles, making them the perfect pots and pans for displaying and cooking in style.

Small Fry: Best Nonstick Fry Pan

Personally, I am an avid fry pan user: from quick egg dishes, reheating a pasta dinner, a single serving item, I probably use a small nonstick frying pan on the daily. With that said, all my prior fry pans have been made with Teflon, which you may have heard can be toxic. And being fully transparent, yes, I have worked my prior fry pans down to the bases but moving forward I want to ensure I am only giving the best to myself and my family. Still: we definitely need a nonstick solution on the daily. That’s why I have to say Great Jones’ Small Fry is literally the best nonstick fry pan. 

I put the Small Fry to the ultimate test making an egg for my avocado toast and it slid out smoothly without any issues. This small but mighty nonstick skillet is made with a German ceramic coating that is healthy for both you and planet Earth. Like its stainless steel counterparts, the Small Fry is over safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, evenly holds heat and is dishwasher-friendly. 

Final Thoughts: I Want More Great Jones in My Kitchen!

After using the Great Jones’ Family Bundle I now want my entire kitchen decked out in Great Jones’ cookware.  As I previously mentioned, I have been on the hunt for some time looking to replace my ancient kitchen and cookware with items that reflect our lifestyle and household. More or less, Great Jones’ cookware not only looks great but measures up in quality. And for beautiful pots and pans you honestly cannot beat their prices. I am looking forward to extending my collection by snagging some of their other cookware, bakeware and beyond.

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