June 1, 2017

Welcome (Back)!

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Welcome (Back)!


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Hey guys,

If you’ve been following me for a minute, you’ve noticed that I haven’t been the most consistent with this social media game.  I know, I’ve sucked.  But I’m sure for you life gets busy too.  Still, you make time for what matters.  And this matters a lot to me now – I promise.

This is different from 20andsomechange.com, my first foray into blogging with my great friends.  I’ve always missed partaking in that with them but we were all at very transitional part of our lives.  Timing was as usual, off.

Then, I tried with another endeavor, TheMuyMal.com.  Now the monikor, Muy Mal, has been with me since high school.  I made it up after taking 4 years of Spanish (and don’t have much to show for it, smh).  It was a fun play on words, “muy mal” translating to very bad.  If you know me from high school, I was pretty straight and narrow (borderline goody-goody) so I was the furthest from bad.  And I was never really “bad” as in “sexy”.  But Muy Mal still worked.  I liked it so much I put it on my license plate at one point.  Narcissistic? Maybe, lol.

As I entered my 30s, I just didn’t feel connected to Muy Mal anymore.  I still wasn’t bad.  I was feeling a little sexier, but not enough to be very bad.  Which is probably why the name just wasn’t for me.  Hell, I’m not even of Hispanic-descent, while I truly appreciate the diverse culture (OMG – ALL THE FOODS). As I contemplated entering into the whole social media life again, Muy Mal just seemed wrong for me.

Enter MJ.  It connects to my initials (technically MHJ, but still, close enough).  And as mentioned in my About Me, all the MJs are pretty damn great.  Might as well join the club?

This time, embarking on the journey feels right.  Maybe it’s the silly association I’ve built by being connected to the greats.  Whatever it is, it feels right and mostly it feels real.  I haven’t felt this authentic and real in all my life here on earth.  It’s liberating, scary, and amazing all at the same damn time.

Social media is an amazing platform in that it allows you to share yourself as well as learn about others.  Certainly, things can be curated thru a lens.  My goal is to genuinely connect with others, whether it be about hair, love, infertility, family, career, whatever it may be.  I love learning about others as well as helping.  And if any of the social outlets I share on helps someone think they aren’t alone or that they too can do something, then all this shameless promotion has done it’s job.

So, what I’m trying to say is people, stay tuned for more.  More blog posts. More YouTube videos. Lots of Instagram posts. And Twitter. And Pinterest. AND Snapchat.  Oh wait, and Facebook.  Geez, there are so many.

Anyways, I’m sticking with this now.  I’m not leaving.  MJ is here to stay.  I mean it this time.  Because this time, it feels right.

Thanks for listening.



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