July 21, 2017

Phoenix Friends, Fun + Frida

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Phoenix Friends, Fun + Frida


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To say I had a great time in Phoenix is an understatement.  

I decided to go on the trip on a whim.  My friend Ashley, who resides in Houston, mentioned she was visiting our mutual friend Melia there while on a work trip.

I casually stated, “It would be nice to go out there and visit Melia one time.”

Ashley, being the blunt person she usually is, replied, “Why don’t you just come while I’m there?”

Yeah, why not?

For a variety of reasons, I had been on hermit mode around that time.   Outside of family gatherings and Zell and I going to the movies as usual, things definitely had gotten routine over the years.  Within the past 3-4 years, many of my close friends have moved away from Vegas, which on one hand makes traveling to see them fun.  On another hand, it definitely had slowed my socializing outside my family circle.  My family is incredible and dynamic; I truly don’t know love and life without them.  But outside perspectives and relationships are important too.

I had been in a funk for a good minute.  In the past I wouldn’t hesitate at hopping on a plane for a quick girls’ trip weekend.  For whatever reason, this conversation with Ashley tapped me right back into that part of who I used to be, a part I do love about myself.

I quickly texted Melia to see if she minded me sleeping on her couch, which she of course didn’t, and bought a ticket on Southwest for a trip two weeks out.  And I’m so glad I did.

We had some genuine time to catch up, ate, drank, and explored the awesome hipster spots of Phoenix.

One of the major highlights was the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibit.  It was definitely awesome learning about this enigmatic woman.  We were super lucky as the traveling exhibits only US stop was Phoenix.  The timing of the trip couldn’t have been better.

Check out some of the photos I took at the exhibit as well as some of the yummy food from Gallo Blanco Cafe.



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