February 9, 2018

Chinese New Year at Hakkasan

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Chinese New Year at Hakkasan


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Wok-fry native lobster in superior stock with edamame and cavier

I love trying new things and Hakkasan has definitely been at the top of my list to go to here in Las Vegas.  Thankfully I was invited along with the Vegas Lifestyle Influencers to try their Chinese New Year menu and it was certainly not your typical Chinese.  The food was exploratory with notes of tradition but still VERY good.  I loved every bite and have been craving to go back!

Rather than go into depth about each item, honestly the food speaks all for itself thru pictures.  Some of my faves included the crispy scallops, the sea bass, and the fried rice.  Yes, the fried rice definitely looks intimidating but underneath that delicious soy paper is some of THE best fried rice I’ve had in town.

If you are a fan of unique food and an amazing experience, definitely check out this menu while it lasts because guys – it’s ALL GOOD.


Happy Daisy: Tanqueray No.10 gin, Chartreuse Yellow , lemon, spiced mandarin, egg white and soda water

Small eat:

Szechuan wind dried oyster with lotus root with crispy rice in mantau

Braised beef tongue and caramelized walnut with asparagus and mint

Crispy scallop in sweet plum sauce with mango in golden cup


Rhug estate organic lamb in seaweed soy with celery and enoki mushroom

Baked Chilean sea bass with kumquat glaze

Abalone fried rice in bean curd wrap with Chinese sausage and shiitake mushroom


ginger caramel, roasted macadamia, lemon grass

Golden Fortune: ginger caramel, roasted macadamia, lemon grass

Find Hakkasan in Las Vegas at:

MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

3799 Las Vegas Boulevard South

Las Vegas, Nevada 89109



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