August 22, 2018

Baby Johnson’s Nursery Tour

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Baby Johnson’s Nursery Tour


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Still can’t believe our little one will be here in a matter of hours.  It’s crazy to think that this journey is coming full circle and a whole new one will begin soon.  I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on our little one once she gets here – as well as her name!  But in the meantime, here’s a look at the nursery we put together for her.

Like the baby shower, I really wanted baby girl’s room to have a unique feel and vibe.  The majority of our home is full of cool tons like grey, brown, dark blue, and white with cool warm flooring or tan carpet.  We have hints of color in certain rooms (avocado green in one room, black and gold in the office) but for the most part, the house kind of flows together.  While I still wanted that for the baby’s room, I also wanted it to have some individuality.  I think I did pretty good at doing that.

The furniture we bought is from Bed Bath & Beyond, the Child Craft™ Roland Nursery Furniture Collection in Mist (linked below).  I had my heart set on a grey set from the start because it’s a nice neutral.  I also felt like the set seemed classic and timeless with a bit of a modern appeal, much like the pieces in the rest of the house. Originally I found the set on BuyBuyBaby.com, their sister site, but after heading over to Bed Bath & Beyond I found the pieces were cheaper!  Plus, if I signed up for the Beyond Beta program that allowed 20% off all purchases for a year I could save even more money.

The furniture itself is super sturdy and will be with the little one for sometime.  The crib is convertible to a toddler bed as well as a full-size bed later.  We went ahead and purchased the converter pieces now in case they weren’t available later.  Oh, and we bought this set without even seeing it in person.  I just hoped we would like it once it showed up, lol!  I knew it was a risk, but it ended up working out!  Ultimately we loved the color of the furniture set so much we had our kitchen cabinets as well as all the other cabinets in our house painted a similar color.

Many of the decor elements we purchased from Etsy, Hobby Lobby, Target or was gifted.  I’ll be sure to link everything (or at least what I can) below.  I built the colors of the room based around the bedding set I found from Target and ordered all the matching pieces to go with it.  Since she’s a girl, I also wanted girly elements so included the pink shaggy rug, pink and diamond lamp and even the curtain rods have diamonds on their ends.


Side note about that TV: this room used to be my step-daughter’s and we had a mounted TV already in there.  We by no means plan on watching it with our little one right now but it didn’t make sense to take it down and put it back up in a few years.  I mean, eventually we plan on watching Moana, Boss Baby and Mickey Mouse Club, you know?

In preparation for her arrival, Zell also had the closet re-done to allow for better and more efficient storage.  This is just a small segment of all the adorable clothes we were gifted but you can see we have plenty of space for more!

Overall, we are pretty happy with the way it has come out so far.  We definitely know like any other room it will be a continual work in progress.  But in the meantime, I think it does the job.  Can’t wait for her to check it out, lol!

Do you guys have any suggestions for what we should add to the room? Drop them in the comments!



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