September 27, 2018

Kendra Scott Charms Collection

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Kendra Scott Charms Collection


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You guys may recall last year I became a fan of Kendra Scott after creating an a cute necklace at the Color Bar.  I still wear that necklace to date and it is most certainly one of my favorite pieces!

Yesterday, I headed back to Kendra Scott for the launch of the new Charms Collection.  While many may think this is similar to Brighton’s charms, it definitely has a different twist!  The pieces are certainly more youthful and even better – for certain charms, 50% of the proceeds benefit impactful causes such as breast cancer, mothers, children and families.  I mean, who doesn’t like pretty little things + good causes, right?

I decided to make a piece that was close to my heart.  Of course, being a new mom, Lucky is all of that and more so I really wanted to find a “lucky” charm to always have her with me.  I decided to start with a thick necklace base that is adjustable, allowing to be worn long or even as a chocker.  My first Kendra Scott piece also is made this way and I love the versatility.  And since I just love rose gold, I decided to use that as my metal of choice.

Initially I had decided on a different trio of charms, but after the help of my friends, I found the Horseshoe Charm, with the meaning of: “May every day be your lucky day.”  Now of course I had to snag it after reading that description!  To compliment my lucky charm, I gravitated towards the Orange Agate Crystal Point Tip: “For energy, courage, and confidence when you need it most, find a surge of creativity and focus with Orange Agate.”  Next, I added the Bright Eye Charm: “See opportunity everywhere.”  I feel like in general these three really speak to where I am at in my life and where I am trying to go.

There are a ton more charms that I want to add and perhaps will by creating a bracelet or even earrings.  Or maybe I’ll even snag another necklace but more of a chain link instead?  Either way, this collection is great as a personal gift option, either to others and yourself, while also helping others.

Be sure to visit your local Kendra Scott or visit their site to make your own piece!



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