October 7, 2018

Newborn Photo & Video Session w/ Sarah Beth Chamberlain

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Newborn Photo & Video Session w/ Sarah Beth Chamberlain


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If you’ve seen my Instagram, needless to say you can tell we are pretty obsessed with our Lucky.  She’s lighten up our world and totally has changed my perspective on life.  I mean, I always had an appreciation for children but she certainly takes it to a whole different level.  It’s unbelievable and I have never known love like this before (::queue the amazing 90’s Faith Evans hit song::).

Prior to delivering, I was contacted by Sarah Beth Chamberlain to possibly do a newborn photo and video session.  I had already admired her work from a far and to collaborate with her seemed like a great opportunity.  After discussing the concept over a quick phone call, Sarah came to our home to capture us and let me tell you – she. Is. AMAZING.  She already had great energy thru her Instagram and the call we had but in person she was so relaxed, professional, and chill.  Her vibe was just everything.  She put Zell, Lucky and me at ease and even supported me to nurse while filming.  And the moments she captured?  They just speak for themselves.  We will cherish these forever and are fortunate that Sarah froze a moment in time early on of us with Lucky.

Lucky Jean

I had the honor of completing a newborn film session with Lucky’s family last weekend. These real-life moments are so precious and fleeting, and I love being able to record them like this. Nurse, change, sleep, repeat. It wont always be like this. How sweet it is to look back and remember these sweet newborn cuddles.

Seriously, it’s been a month, and we still just rave about this amazing session with her.

If you are in the Las Vegas area, reach out to Sarah for an unbelievable session.

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