December 12, 2018

Night Time + Next Day Curly Hair Routine w/ Revlon Realistic

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Night Time + Next Day Curly Hair Routine w/ Revlon Realistic


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I’m back with my final video with using the Revlon Realistic Black Seed Oil Collection and it’s a video I get asked about all the time: “how do you maintain your hair everyday?” 

When I first went natural, I felt like I had to rewash my hair every single day which was super annoying! It would look great after the first initial wash but when I would go to bed it would look CRAZY.  My curls would be super frizzy and dry and my shape would be all over the place.  It just seemed like it would be needed to start all over and fresh. 

But if anyone knows this isn’t really helpful with naturally curly hair.  Curly hair takes mush longer to dry than straight hair, especially kinky hair like mine.  My hair is so dense that it can literally take a whole day for it to dry.  But rocking a wet look all day at the job just is not a good idea.  And then using heat every day totally goes against growth routines and techniques. This is why finding a daily and nightly routine for setting your hair for the next day can save time, help reach your hair growth goals, and most importantly save your hairstyle!

If you watch my video you will see implementing this is really easy.  I’ve essentially done the same routine since having short hair, modifying my pineapple as needed by making multiple pineapples as opposed to one big one.

If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to drop them in the comments on this blog post or the video.  I’m happy to help!



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