February 20, 2019

Teething Necklace by Dents de Bébé

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Teething Necklace by Dents de Bébé


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We have officially entered that stage where Lucky has to grab and touch everything and then put it in her mouth.  And lord, it’s been pretty rough because this little girl is so quick, fast, and strong.  I feel like she has an iron grip sometimes as I try to pry something away from her grasp.  It’s an amazing time as she is so curious about everything, even trying to grab my coffee.  But it definitely keeps me on my toes as I don’t want her putting nasty and dirty things in her mouth.  In addition to that, Lucky is still teething up a storm, so she loves to just chew and gnaw away.  And sometimes the pacifier just does not cut it.  

Note: this post is sponsored by Dents de Bébé Teething Boutique.

I’ve also noticed Lucky loves grabbing my necklaces but typically they’re the type I prefer for her not pull and almost break, let alone put in her mouth.  So when I heard about Dents de Bébé’s teething necklaces, I definitely thought they’d be a great item for Lucky and I.  Not only are they cute and fashionable statement necklaces but they are intended for babies to teeth on.  Other teething necklaces I’ve checked out in the past all pretty much looked the same, but Dents de Bébé’s were all so unique.  I honestly had the hardest time finding just one I loved. I ended up choosing with the Harriet to match most of my style but think I may go ahead and snag another to fit my wardrobe.

Besides the necklaces looking great for mamas, they are actually super safe for baby.  Dents de Bébé necklaces have been tested by a third-party testing facility and are BPA-free, FDA approved, and free of many other non-toxic chemicals and hazardous things I want to keep Lucky far away from.  I especially love the fact that the necklaces designed and created by a mother as well, because who doesn’t want the best for your child other than another mama.  

If you’d like to check out all the awesome teething necklace options and learn more about Dents de Bébé, head on over to their website at dentsdebebe.com.  Also, use my code, LIFEBYMJ to receive 20% off your purchase.

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