August 8, 2019

Summer Hair Products & Accessories at Fashion Show

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Summer Hair Products & Accessories at Fashion Show


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With all this crazy hot summer weather and basking in the sun while traveling, I don’t know about you guys, but my hair needs some extra TLC. While I have cut my hair recently to help keep me cooler, I didn’t quite realize that also meant I needed to style my hair more often. So finding products that nourish my color-treated curly hair plus give it a little extra flair has been so needed.

To check out the latest summer hair products and accessories, I headed to the Fashion Show and checked out some of the latest summer hair products and accessories at Saks Fifth Avenue and Nordstroms.

Summer Hair Finds at Saks Fifth Avenue

Leoner Greyl: Green-Chic to Beat the Heat

At Saks Fifth Avenue I found the exclusive Leoner Greyl products. Founded in Paris in 1968, the line was created by a Parisian husband and wife duo, he a botanist and she a hair care and beauty fanatic. They combined their love for both and created “green-chic” products, filled with eco-friendly and natural products.

Leonor Greyl hosts a ton of great products to keep your summer hair looking good thru fall and winter. For example, their L’Huile de Leonor Greyl, an oil intended to be used as a pre-shampoo treatment for dry, over-processed hair, is designed to help summertime enthusiast. It contains natural UVA/B filters, and can easily be applied at the pool or beach to protect your hair from the drying and damaging effects of chlorine and salt water. Another I found interesting was their Masque Quintessence is designed for anyone with color-treated hair or daily heat users to repair. This super rich mask is filled with so many goodies: coconut, jojoba, manketti seed oil, and shea butter to help all damaged, brittle hair types feel re-nourished.

Raincry: Eco-friendly Hair Tools

Now summer hair isn’t all about masks, you also want to make sure you’re using the right tools. Raincry is a very eco-friendly hair care brand that is most known for their quality brushes. Not sure when a brush would be so special? Well it’s all about the craftmanship: Raincry uses the most innovative technology combined with the European tradition of handcrafting to make brushes for all different hair types and needs. This can be super helpful in terms of when needing to smooth thru a leave-in conditioner or blowing out your hair. Additionally, they have a full range of products that align to each of their brushes needs.

Hair rituel by Sisley: Plant-Based Plus Science Hair Care

Another fun new hair line ready for the summer is Hair rituel by Sisley. Declaring hair care is the new skincare, this line is filled with some great stuff to care for your strands. The line takes a very scientific approach focusing specifically upon the scalp, root and strand – the structure and foundation of the hair. Using plant-based extracts, all of the products within the line smell SO GOOD. It’s woodsy, light and clean all at the same time. Probably my two faves were the Protective Hair Fluid, a spray that protects your hair from sun, sea, and swimming pool water, and the Revitalizing Fortifying Serum for the Scalp, a highly concentrated serum infused with plant-based extracts, proteins, vitamins and minerals to visibly fortify hair and scalp. Both felt amazing to my hair as soon as I used and tried them out!

Slip: Keeping it Smooth & Sliky, Literally

Also a fun and unique “tool” to check out were these Slipslick scrunchies and pillow cases by Slip. These things may seem somewhat ordinary but they are pretty amazing in that they help reduce frizz and breakage. Think about it: anytime you use am elastic hair band or sleep on a cotton pillow it’s not the smoothest thing on your hair. By using these cute babies will help keep your hair smooth, sleek and also help achieve your hair goals.

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Nordstroms: Curl Hair Care Plus Accessories Galore

Bumble and Bumble: Curly Hair Salon in a Bottle

Heading on over to Nordstrom’s I found a ton of products focused upon curly hair as well as summer needs. Bumble and Bumble is a widely known brand that caters to curlies and I always wanted to try them out. What’s probably one of my favorite attributes of this whole line is that each product smells like it’s from the salon so you can feel like you stepped out the salon whenever you do your own hair. Also, the line had a variety of products to help with protecting from the sun, heat and combat annoying frizz. They even have a Beach Waves line that is super light weight and perfect for that day at the beach hair.

Oribe: Luxury Curly Haircare

Oribe is also a hot and unique line with products available for curlies. Their Styling Butter Curl Enhancing Crème was very lightweight and creamy. Along side their Shampoo and Conditioner for Brillance Shine, I was advised this line helped even kinky-strand girls like me maintain definition and moisture in this crazy summer heat.

Philip B: A Curly Hair Refresher’s Dream

A new brand I hadn’t heard before, Philip B had two awesome products that I got to see work first hand. My little sister (who took most of these blog pictures) also has curly hair and actually wore a pony-tail during our visit to Nordstrom. Upon learning about all the products, we started testing Philip B on her hair, and voila, her pony looked super refreshed, defined and smelled ridiculously good. We used the Philip B’s Weightless Conditioner Water to refresh her strands and get rid of the stretch from her pony-tail and then worked in the Mega Curl Enhancer to get her coils popping! For on those summer days when you’re in a pinch for time and need to refresh your hair, these two products pack a really strong punch.

Eric Javits: Hats That Actually Fit

Typically for my thick, curly hair I have THE hardest time finding hats and accessories to fit my head but Nordstrom’s definitely delivered in terms of options. I couldn’t believe my hair fit these two straw hats by Eric Javits, that also provide SPF up to 50+. They were super lightweight and crazy flexible. I was told I could pack one in my suitcase and it would easily reform back to its shape. And then I wanted to snag all the dainty hairclips by Tasha. The pearl-encrusted one was my absolute fave.

Easy Headbands + Hair Clips by Tasha & France Luxe

I also realized while playing at Nordstroms I need to pick up my hair accessory game with bows and headbands. These headbands by Tasha were all so colorful and pretty. Seriously, they had sooo many options I wanted them all.

Additionally they had these crazy flexible headbands by France Luxe – I mean look how big I was able to stretch this thing! This ensured that even for the thickest of hair, biggest of heads, or both (like me, LOL!) would still feel comfy and would not risk snapping. I’ve never seen anything like it!

Plus, Tasha also made these super pretty and unique hair clips, ranging from super sparkly to colorful. Probably my fave was the pearl-encrusted one.

To say the least, I couldn’t get enough of all these fun hair accessories and products for this summer! They literally all made me want to get playing with my hair. You can find all of these goodies at either Saks Fifth Avenue or Nordstroms at Fashion Show in Las Vegas. Want to find even more unique offerings at Fashion Show? Head on over to their blog now!

This post was made in partnership with the Fashion Show of Las Vegas.

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