May 16, 2019

Kids Swim X Fashion Show

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Kids Swim X Fashion Show


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We just recently returned from vacation and now all I can think about is going back, LOL! But seriously, I’m already swimsuit shopping for our next vacay and with Lucky growing so fast, I’ll need to get her a whole new swimsuit wardrobe.

Thankfully, the Fashion Show here in Las Vegas has her and all kids covered. The property hosts a number of stores that will have children of all ages pool and beach ready. Not only are there swimsuits but cute kid-sized accessories like sunglasses, floaties as well as glitter-filled sunscreen.

The Classics

If you’re looking for items from widely known and respected brands, then Macy’s is your place. The department store hosts a large swimwear collection from brands such as Nike, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger that definitely have a 90’s-ish, throwback appeal with a current twist. For example, this kids swimwear showed now shame in showing off logos. The Tommy Hilfiger specifically took me back to my own childhood with the classic preppy lettering and colors used. Macy’s also had several options for all ages and specifically a large variety for boys.

The Accessories Galore

In terms of widespread swim options for all sizes goes and both boys and girls, Nordstoms has you covered. Not only do they have swimwear but also a ton of accessories including hats, sunglasses, bags, and flip flops galore. You can see Lucky had a great time trying on the Babiators, or aviators for kids. They even got into the Baby Shark trend with this cute beach bag. And the sandal selection was incredible: flip flops, jelly shoes, and the ultra lightweight Native shoes which are gender neutral and stringless.

The Unique Looks

Who says high end swim is just for grown ups? Neiman Marcus says its for all ages with their kid swim options, ranging from known brands such as Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, and Givenchy to unique brands such as Shade Critters. You could definitely tell the impeccable quality with the fabric for these pieces. Although Lucky is a super active 8-month-old, I was able to get her to model a few of the Shade Critters and Burberry pieces, which also had coordinating spring/summer clothing options. Neiman Marcus even had a variety of glitter sunscreens from Sea Star Sparkle, glitter lotion by Gypsy Wanderlust and fun accessories like “blingy” swim masks by Bling2O, cute floatys like the flamingo one featured.

The Mermaids

Dillard’s also had an awesome variety of options for both boys and girls, but also highlighted their mermaid theme options for their upcoming Girls Swim Day on Saturday, May 18 at 11 AM to 3 PM (in girls swim). Seriously, if I were a little girl again, I’d so want these magical swimsuit options from Flapdoodles. They are so cute, shiny and coordinate so well with cover up options. Dillard’s also has a great selection of shoes featuring Reef and Sanuk that came in a multitude of colors to match all kinds of swim outfits. Even the boys trunks from Class Club, Northface and First Wave had awesome, fun patterns that weren’t super kiddish but had a fun, stylish appeal.

As you can see, The Fashion Show overall has something for every kid at any age to look as stylish as Mom or Dad by the pool. I’ll definitely be snagging some of these for Lucky for next trip but also check out even more swim options at the stores I mentioned the next time you are visiting!

This post was created in partnership with Fashion Show.

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