October 15, 2019

Top Conferences for Millennial Women

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Top Conferences for Millennial Women


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You’ve heard me say it before and I’ll say it again – being in this influencer space can be hella lonely (yes, I say hella, LOL!). Navigating the social media world and attempting to turn it into a business can seem overwhelming. Which is why it is so important that you find a tribe that you connect with and learn from! But where do you begin to find like-minded people? Well, I would highly suggest you check out one of the below conferences that are for the female influencer!

Women who slay 2019 Founders Club

Top Millennial Women Conferences

Create & Cultivate

Create & Cultivate started back in 2012 as a single conference with the intent of bringing millennial women together. It has now grown to multiple conferences and pop-ups under the C&C umbrella each with its own focus from vision to self-care to entrepreneurship. There is truly something for every type of millennial woman at the Create & Cultivate events.


Ever wanted to be a part of something that is on the up and coming? Perhaps where Pinterest took off? And leave you wanting to come back for even more? Well then you could be amongst the attendees of AltSummit who have stated it is all of that and even more. Running for 10 years, it is hai led as the premier conference for creative entrepreneurs and influencers that runs for six days! Filled with field trips, dance parties, and TED-style talks, AltSummit stands to be a life-changing event.

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Hosted by 21Ninety, Summit21 is the destination for women of color influencers and creators. The event hosts networking events, workshops, panels and speakers from many in the top of the social media and entrepreneur industry. In 2020 Summit21 will be hosting its fifth year in Atlanta and tickets are already on sale!

Women Who Slay

Held in my home town of Las Vegas, Nevada, Women Who Slay brings together strong and influential women from all walks of life. From the corporate world, entrepreneurship and social media, the event touches on all things that millennial women are encountering and are set to dominate. I was fortunate enough to actually attend this years event and left feeling fearless and driven to slay it in all areas of my life!

Women who slay 2019


BlogHer hosts several events throughout the year focused primarily on content creators but truly has something for everyone. From highly regarded speakers to workshops to help you elevate your creativity or marketing, these events help nourish the mind and soul. The conference also hosts niched events such as for food or health creators that are worth checking out too.

Girlboss Rally

The Girlboss Rally is a two-day women’s empowerment event for the woman looking to up-level their career, business or side hustle. The conference even has an entire track devoted to finances which is something we can never be too strong in. As their website describes, Girlboss Rally seeks to take “…the tired conference by storm, creating a space for the next generation of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and thought leaders to meet, hatch plans, and thrive together.”

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