October 3, 2019

Halloween Makeup with MAC Cosmetics

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Halloween Makeup with MAC Cosmetics


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GUYS: I’m sooo excited about Halloween this year! Back in the day, I used to love dressing up and planning my costumes for all the fun parties! Life has slowed down being I’m older, married, and hanging with my favorite one-year-old. Still my love for the this time of year definitely hasn’t! I think I have a pretty epic costume in mind. One thing I noticed I’ve slacked on in the past is makeup. Makeup definitely has the ability to totally transform you into a character yet keep it original and unique. And if you’re anything like me, you may need a bit (or A LOT) of help in terms of creating costume-worthy makeup.

About MAC Cosmetic Pro

Thankfully the Fashion Show in Las Vegas hosts the one and only MAC Cosmetic Pro store in Nevada. And this store is only one of nine within the entire United States! The pro stores carry exclusive pro makeup products that the regular stores can and will not have. Essentially, these amazing products can help you with creating the most unique Halloween looks.

The Mermaid Look

I certainly wanted to test transforming into something I’ve never done before yet always dreamed of since a little girl. Going back and forth between a fairy, a unicorn, I ultimately decided on a glamorous mermaid look and MAC completely delivered! I told my makeup artist, June, she had complete full reign as I didn’t want to inhibit any of her creativity. And thankfully she was super appreciative and ready to have some fun!

June started out ensuring I had a dewy look to create that fresh out of the water glow. Additionally, she framed my eyes with the most amazing liner she created herself and added all of the pretty glitter! Then she took a fish net, covered my face, and layered in ombre scales to create my mermaid dreams into a reality! Needless to say, the younger MJ who had always wanted this and was beyond excited!

Mermaid makeup halloween blonde braids MAC cosmetics LifebyMJ
Mermaid makeup halloween blonde braids MAC cosmetics LifebyMJ
Mermaid makeup halloween blonde braids MAC cosmetics LifebyMJ

I truly think June did an awesome job capturing the essence of a mermaid yet gave it her own and the MAC flair. She made something I’ve never seen before – not only on myself or others. And it has a lot to do with not only her amazing skills but the exclusive products that this MAC pro store carries.

To receive your own unique Halloween makeup look, be sure to visit this amazing store the next time you are at the Fashion Show in Las Vegas.

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