December 30, 2019

A Week in My Curls ft. MBIB Products

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A Week in My Curls ft. MBIB Products


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DO YOU SWITCH YOUR HAIRCARE FOR THE WINTER? Because I do! Living in the Las Vegas desert, it becomes super dry during the winter months so I have to switch up my hair routine to ensure my curls keep on popping.

Since I’m a wash and go girl thru and thru, I believe the foundation to any style begins with quality shampoo, conditioners and treatments. To nourish my winter wash and go routine, I’ve been using My Black Is Beautiful’s new Golden Milk collection throughout the week and it has left my kinky coils moisturized and vibrant. This line is packed with unique and quality ingredients like tumeric, coconut milk, honey, and ginger. I mean, you always hear how good these ingredients are great for our bodies – they’re also great for our hair!

And the Golden Milk collection isn’t just for us curly girls, it’s formulated to work with all hair types! You can snag the entire @MBIB‘s Golden Milk collection at your local Sally’s!


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