May 21, 2020

Sashay the Hallway Challenge with Fashion Show

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Sashay the Hallway Challenge with Fashion Show


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Bored in the house or in the house bored?! Whew, lord, either way this quarantine during COVID-19 sure is making me go stir crazy! I can’t cook another meal and organize another room at this point. And, like many others, my quarantine uniform has consisted of no makeup and only sweats, t-shirts, tanks, sneakers and flip flops. Let’s just say, I’ve been definitely bumming it out but missing getting dressed up!

One thing I have been loving about this time at home is all the fun dance and video challenges on social media. While they are fun to watch, I have attempted to do a few with some being a #fail and others where I think I do a pretty good job! Many don’t require a change in the quarantine uniform but when I decided to take on Fashion Show’s Sashay the Hallway challenge I knew I had to turn it up a notch. While getting glam isn’t required to participate, I simply had ENOUGH of bumming it and knew in order to slay I was gonna have to bring it.

So I searched to the back of my closet where dresses I haven’t worn in years were stowed away. Now fair warning: many of the dresses pictured I even questioned I would be able to still wear as I had them pre-Lucky but to my surprise I was able to. Some of these items used to be in heavy rotation and I may need to bring them back out post-quarintine or perhaps get some updated versions while visiting the Fashion Show.

Using inspiration from the iconic runway inside Fashion Show, I channeled my inner top model to #sashaythehallway even with Zell, Lucky and my dogs making a few cameos. And while I was working the hallway runway I figured I might as well capture some photos of me “cleaning” in style. I mean, when else would I wear a sequin dress in the pantry or smize while disinfecting? But no, really, I don’t know anyone else who would but me LOL! In all honesty, you can see this #sashaythehallway challenge was pretty fun and I definitely had myself a good time staying at home,

I’d love to see you do this challenge as well so be sure to tag your photos #sashaythehalllway and tag @fashionshowlv on Instagram for the ultimate walkoff!

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