May 27, 2020

Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog and Business with Bea Alvarez

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Using Pinterest to Grow Your Blog and Business with Bea Alvarez


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If you aren’t using Pinterest, then you’re missing out on a free way to grow your social media business and presence. But don’t take it from me: learn from Pinterest expert Bea Alvarez who used the social media platform to grow her blog into a full fledged business. On this episode, Bea keeps it real by sharing her journey of leaving her 9 to 5, growing her blog while being a mother, and finding her own definition of balance. If you ever wondered what it takes to get started or how to grow, this is the episode for you!

Quotes worthy to listen to:

(13:39) I look at my Pinterest profile, like a big magazine of what my audience would love. 

(20:29) Focus on those tiny, little moneymaking tasks that are going to actually make you money in your business so that you can have the freedom to spend more time with your family.

(22:30) My number one focus is creating evergreen content, things that are going to be searched over and over again. It takes off the pressure from always creating blog posts every week.

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