July 15, 2020

Adopting an Entrepreneur Mindset with Dulce Toscano

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Adopting an Entrepreneur Mindset with Dulce Toscano


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Entrepreneurship takes time and hard work but if anyone could embody the mindset needed to make the ultimate leap from their 9 to 5, Dulce Toscano would be on the top of my list. Dulce is a proud Latina business marketing expert, online business coach, social media strategist, and public speaker who’s entrepreneur journey is beyond motivating and inspirational. Tune in as she shares powerful yet real tips on how to build your strength as an entrepreneur, why you should invest in yourself, and how to scale your business. 

Quotes Worth Listening To

  • I decided to really hone in on my craft. (4:47)
  • There is no plan B, you’ve got to make it work. (6:38) 
  • Why Dulce became an entrepreneur. (10:05) 
  • With everything happening with COVID-19, the way we do business needs to pivot. (13:06)
  • Just because you do have a 9-5 and you are building this business, doesn’t make you less of an entrepreneur. (23:54) 
  • Entrepreneurs are experts at riding the emotional roller coaster. (25:25) 
  • Why it’s important to invest in your business. (32:50) 
  • 3 tips to build your strength and self-awareness in your business. (36:53) 

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