July 16, 2020

How to Style a Headscarf

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How to Style a Headscarf


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Is it just me, but am I the only one who can’t believe we are still experiencing this pandemic? I’m not minding the quality time with my family but lord, these months are just flying by! I find myself not only forgetting what day it is but also not doing my hair. But considering I still have to get on Zoom and video calls galore, I am always trying to find ways to look at least screen worthy! In an attempt to keep things easy, I most recently found using a headscarf helps create an easy, put-together look, and thought it would be fun if I showed you how to style one using this beautiful one from Johnny Was inside the Fashion Show in Las Vegas.

About the Headscarf

What’s great about this silky scarf is not only does it have a ton of color to match any outfit but is super smooth and lightweight. The vibrancy really allows your hair to look put together easily which is why I’ve found four easy ways on how to style it. Plus, it’ll be great to style even later when the weather cools down, which honestly is no surprise when it comes to anything from Johnny Was. If you haven’t heard of Johnny Was, they are all about bold, bohemian, yet timeless prints in not only scarves but kimonos, shirts, dresses, etc. No lie: If I could, I would literally buy everything from this store!

A Simple Bow

The first headscarf look is a simple bow for days when I feel my hair needs a little something more. You can easily just roll it up, twist it around your head, and tie it as a bow. With any headscarf, you’ll need to adjust as I did with the tassels at the end to secure but it most definitely puts off a fun vibe.

Dress Up an Updo

Next up is also a bow but mixing it with a ponytail. To get this look I use an elastic headband wrapped around my head twice. This really helps ensure all my curls are pulled up high on my head. I then roll up the scarf and tie it like a bow, again adjusting as needed. I opted to leave a few flyaways and curls for some character but it’s totally up to you on how you’d like it to appear.

Wrap it Up

For the next headscarf look, I also put my hair in a ponytail but instead, I wrap the scarf widely around the sides of my head. You start out by folding the headscarf into a thick band and then wrapping it around, simply tucking anything in like the tassels or tag that needs to be hidden. This is really a look to hide any frizzy flyaways or for times you know you need to wash your hair but don’t really feel like it.

Bold & Regal

Lastly, is this pseduo-turban, head wrap look, which covers my hair completely but is a major hair day saver. Starting out again with my hair up in a ponytail, I simply folded the scarf in half like a triangle and then tied it towards the front of the head, covering the exposed ponytail on top. Using all three pieces, I then twirl them around in the front to secure, but also fluff out the twirl to style. I have to say, although all my hair is fully hidden, I feel like this look is really regal and classy and totally even wear it outside the house. I mean, the head scarf looks so pretty!

To help simplify getting your own look, I made a quick video for you to follow here on IGTV! If you happen to recreate any, be sure to tag me and @fashionshowlv in your headscarf look.

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