August 5, 2020

Breaking Thru Imposter Syndrome

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Breaking Thru Imposter Syndrome


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Impostor syndrome is a term that has become widely known and it’s certainly not by coincidence. It’s something that everyone’s dealt with at one point or another but if you don’t take control of your impostor syndrome, it can begin to hinder your growth. In today’s episode, I break down what impostor syndrome is, share my experiences with it, and give you tips on how to overcome it. Your journey is yours alone, but you don’t have to live feeling like an impostor. 

Points Worth Listening To:

  • Impostor Syndrome definition (1:04) 
  • “I just felt that I was just unworthy to garner an audience.” (3:01) 
  • Tips if you find yourself playing the comparison game. (5:20) 
  • Tips for overcoming impostor syndrome (6:59) 
  • How to do digital self-care (8:36) 
  • “Don’t compare your day one to someone’s day 1000.” (11:42) 
  • Using words of affirmation (13:24) 

Final Thoughts:

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