September 29, 2020

Trolltastic Taco Twosday Birthday Party

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Trolltastic Taco Twosday Birthday Party


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GUYS: I can’t believe Lucky has turned two-years-old. That’s right, our little rainbow baby is just growing up so damn fast and I can’t stand it! But you know to celebrate the day, I had to go all out, lol! And even in the midst of COVID-19 and social distancing, we still found a way to have family around and have a great time.

Choosing a Theme

Lucky is obsessed with quite a few different things right now, ranging from Frozen, the movie Sing and especially Trolls. She constantly watches Trolls as well as Trolls World Tour on repeat and we even listen to the soundtracks around the house and while driving in the car. When my step-mom shared with me a few outfit ideas for Lucky’s special day, I knew right away Trolls had to be the theme. With her being a rainbow baby in addition to all the fun, vibrancy and colors surrounding Trolls I knew it would just make it a great day.

Taco Twosday

Considering we haven’t been on any family vacations or had any other fun celebrations during this year, we wanted the day to be as joyous, carefree yet easy as possible. So we decided to have the majority of the food catered in. In the past we have had a taco-man for other special events and it had been quite awhile since we last splurged on it. Ultimately we scheduled 911 Tacos and MAN the tacos were delicious! Our chef cooked the tacos right on site with fresh meat including chicken, steak and pork, rice and beans and even homemade guacamole. We are so glad we did for Lucky’s party as it was one last thing we had to think about.

Lucky’s Troll Outfits

It crossed my mind to dress Lucky up as a Troll but my step mom gifted her this super cute rainbow outfit from and quite honestly it worked out even better! From the tutu, custom shirt and matching socks she was decked out and ready. I added the sparkly magenta shoes from Target which matched perfectly! Later for pool time, I put her in a Trolls bathing suit which is now her fave to wear. To match with her, Zell and I even snagged some Trolls shirts!

Trolls Decor

In terms of decorations, we most definitely went all out but I had a LOT of help! My mom got super inspired by the theme and made a ton of mushrooms, flowers and other fun items to celebrate. She even made this incredible replica of Queen Barb’s ship! To make everything, she snagged all her supplies from the dollar store.

Also I got a bit inspired and decided to do some balloon garlands, creating a rainbow using white and clear balloons with silver specs plus an arch using the colors of Poppy as inspiration. As guests entered, they were greeted by the spiral stairs covered in rainbow tulle. And each table was decorated with fun signs with sayings from the movies. To round things out, I decorated the sweet treat table with a Trolls table cloth and cut outs as well as made a candy station filled with rainbow cookies and candy!

The Troll Cake

My dear friend Gia who made Lucky’s watermelon cake last year created this year’s cake and blew us all away! She really captured the feeling of Trolls even inside the cake by making it rainbow marble. AND it tasted so good! Her cakes aren’t just gorgeous but also super moist and delicious.

To say the least, the day was pretty amazing and Lucky appeared to truly enjoy it! Can’t wait to start planning for birthday #3!

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