October 7, 2020

Power of the Pause & Pivot

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Power of the Pause & Pivot


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Deciding when to slow down in business can be a difficult decision. But there are seasons that business breaks need to happen. These breaks give us the time and space to assess where the business is, to identify what’s working, and what’s not. Once we identify those things we can begin to make future business plans for growth. Listen in to hear why I paused a section of my business and how it’s helped me get more focused on my future growth.

Points Worth Listening To

  • “It really just allowed me to assess everything that I had going on.” (2:26)
  • “My content really was not priming them to be the customers that I wanted.” (4:13)
  • “I really feel it’s important to help and serve as many people as possible.” (14:56) 
  • “I’ve been learning to one trust myself…and let go so I can grow.” (20:04) 
  • Learn what I’ve been working on (21:55) 
  • “I pivoted my whole business within a year. I’ve lost like 10,000 followers, but I’ve made more money this year than last year.” (24:59) 
  • “Don’t be afraid to change your mind. Don’t be afraid to take a pause, to build a strategy, and don’t be afraid to implement.” (25:32) 

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