October 28, 2020

Using Social Media To Grow Your Business With Alesha Courtney

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Using Social Media To Grow Your Business With Alesha Courtney


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Social media is a great tool to help grow your online business. Too many people over-complicate what’s needed to show up on social media. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does need to be consistent. Alesha Courtney joins us on the podcast to talk about how she’s been able to grow her fitness business by using simple social media practices and making the commitment to continue to serve her community. Tune in to hear her social media tips and how you can apply them to your business today!

Points Worth Listening To

  • “You could do very simple things and get very effective results.” (5:31)
  • “It’s all about creating some sort of community for people to feel like they’re part of something.” (12:30) 
  • Tips on how to connect with your ideal client. (13:38) 
  • How to serve your audience. (14:37) 
  • “I get a lot of my clients and a lot of my exposure off of social media.” (20:53) 
  • “Failure is always something that is going to happen. You just have to learn to pick yourself back up and move forward.” (24:45) 
  • The power of asking for help. (26:25) 
  • How she’s practicing being more present in the moment (37:29)
  • “I just think that we have to simplify, go back to basics and life would be a lot easier for us.” (43:46)

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