January 12, 2021

Betting on Yourself with Tash Haynes

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Betting on Yourself with Tash Haynes


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Making money from your side hustle is a great feeling. But growing the side hustle into a full business can be a bit harder.  Regardless of the path you chose to entrepreneurship, there is one thing you must do. You must believe and bet on yourself!

Today on the podcast I’m joined with photography expert and influencer Tash Haynes. We sat down to talk about making the transition into full-time entrepreneurship, learning how to work and negotiate with brands, and how to find your groove with content creation.

Listen in if you’re thinking about transitioning your side hustle into a full business, want to learn how to create content that connects with your audience and you want to learn how to work with brands. 

Points Worth Listening To

  • “I bet on myself. I said I was going to quit my job and see where we can take the business. And that was 11 years ago.” (6:55) 
  • How to know if it’s time to go full time in your side hustle. (9:59) 
  • Tips on how to repurpose content. (24:53) 
  • Thoughts on being a black influencer and the aftermath Black Out Tuesday 2020. (27:15) 
  • Learning how to recognize your value with brand deals. (39:12) 
  • “Every deal, every collaboration, every partnership is like, a course, it’s a lesson.” (45:13) 
  • “It’s just so important to value yourself. Know what your own goals are and what you hope to get.” (50:17) 

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