January 14, 2021

How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

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How to Organize Your Kitchen Pantry


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I definitely have a love/hate relationship with my kitchen pantry, lol! I mean, for one: it houses a ton of our food and you all know I LOVE to cook and eat. But lord, it can be hard to keep your pantry clean and organized. If you have struggled to do the same, read on to learn how Organice helped me organize, revamp and declutter our pantry to now being the kitchen pantry of our dreams!

Before Organizing Our Kitchen Pantry

Before we bought our current home I instantly fell in love with our pantry and for me it was a huge reason why we chose our home. It was far bigger than our previous pantry and the thought of having so much space seemed like it could be a game changer. Fast-forward two years later, and our kitchen pantry was a hot mess: old baby food, crumbs galore, rolled up chip bags, things hiding behind others things. While we had all this newfound space, it was still hard to see everything and take inventory of what we had and needed.

Get Help Organizing with Organice

The ladies of Organice reached out to me and offered to help me with organizing my pantry and after reviewing their website and Instagram I immediately asked, “when can you come?!” Suellen and Eloa were beyond the sweet but they were incredibly knowledgeable and patient. Over the course of two days, they cleaned out our entire pantry and went thru each item. They first showed me all the expired food which of course I said to throw away (GROSS!). Next, they grouped common foods together, for instance, baking, kids snacks, rice, and cans. Once they took inventory of how we were trying to use our pantry, they went to the store and found baskets and organization holders and started staging the items.

clean pantry

Day 2 of Organizing Our Pantry

After identifying what else may be needed, they returned the next day with even more baskets and holders. Then, they walked me thru their entire process, teaching me how to functionally use my pantry moving forward and how they optimized the space by using baskets and other organization holders so everything had its own home. And they even added super cute chalk labels to all the baskets and bins for quick referencing or double checking expiration dates.

It has been a few weeks since their visit and I still love our pantry. It is honestly one of the most organized sections of our home and I would love to have Organice take a stab at my closet next (because I am NOT Marie Kondo, lol!). If you would like a full before and after of our walk-in pantry makeover and get even more tips from Organice, check out my YouTube video!

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