March 17, 2021

Brand Deal Pitching Ideas for Influencers

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Brand Deal Pitching Ideas for Influencers


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Coming up with creative pitch ideas can help you stand out in front of brands. Giving brands a vision of what it could be like to work together is more likely to prompt a response. If you’re new to influencing or feel like you’ve hit a creative wall, then today’s episode is for you. Tune in to hear a list of ideas that you can use to pitch to brands. 

Points discussed in this episode:

  • “I’ve had some trouble in the past with having an idea on what exactly I should say to a brand.” (0:39)
  • Approaching brands from a place of value (1:09) 
  • List of pitch ideas (1:21)
  • Pitching pro tip (7:41)  

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Final Thoughts: 

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