November 17, 2021

Does Manifesting Really Work and How to Practice It?

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Does Manifesting Really Work and How to Practice It?


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Everyone’s talking about the power of manifesting but what exactly is it? In this episode, MJ and Jennifer  talk about manifesting in their lives and and the power of reprogramming your thoughts. They share how you can learn how to manifest what you want into our lives, reprogram your thoughts to attract the things you want in life, and the small changes we can make to have an incredible journey. Want to start manifesting life? Then stay tuned because you will surely learn a lot!

Moments Worth Listening to:

Manifesting in Life

[0:36] Manifesting is creating. The crazy thing is you’re constantly creating your life, whether you realize it or not. Creating good or bad experiences is just the bottom line. But the key to manifesting life is your intentions and then focusing on what you want to manifest.

[1:43] You can manifest things you don’t want to manifest. This all plays into the power of thoughts and the law of attraction. You can manifest negative things into your life if you are thinking of negative thoughts. But if you want to manifest good things into your life, then start thinking big positive thoughts.

[4:06] We are taught at a young age that we’re not powerful creators. Our power has been taken away by society. To retrieve that, look inside of yourselves for the answers.

How to Manifest in Life

[10:30] Many of us want to control the impact, but you can only control the intention. By controlling that intention, you’ll likely have that impact. But you also have to accept the fact that it might not. The impact will be received by who will receive by.

Changing our Minds and Energy

[16:55] What makes us such powerful beings is that we do have the ability to change our minds. Tapping into your inner energy is where you draw that power. By tapping into those things that are triggering you, you can put forth those affirmations to work on things you want to change.

How to Attract Money

[17:59] All money does is provide you with experiences that you normally would not be able to have. 

Vision Boards

[21:39] Go and get yourself a vision board and put all your goals on there. Put what you want to manifest in your life. Then have a plan or a timeline and focus that on one goal.

Appreciate the Journey

[26:14] The journey is a continuum. It does not end. So learn to appreciate the journey. Know that it is such a gift just to be aware of the opportunity and choices you have. You can grasp whatever you want in life. You have the reins to take your life wherever you want to go.

Trust yourself

[27:09] Always remember that you are a creator. You have all the power in the world. That means trusting yourself. You already know the answers. Now it’s about unlocking. So trust the process to do that and trust yourself when you do.

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