November 24, 2021

The Real Truth: Are You Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?

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The Real Truth: Are You Ready to Be an Entrepreneur?


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MJ and Jennifer often are asked: how do you start a business? As both influencers, entrepreneurs and Jennifer owning a yoga studio, these ladies know a bit on how to be success – and failure – while building a business.  Ultimately they have found becoming an entrepreneur is truly a journey to self-awareness. Sometimes it’s a ton of fun and full of abundance, and other times you question what they hell are you even doing! Whether it’s building an online business, your Instagram account, or even a brick and mortar store, becoming an entrepreneur and starting a business from scratch is not for the faint of heart. But the rewards – even beyond making money – can be pretty amazing.

Points worth listening to:

  • 0:34: Mindset is everything. You have to be willing to bet on yourself.
  • 2:28: Money is energy. You either feel that’s abundant or scarce and that is how you attract it or push it away.
  • 6:03: There are always going to be competitors. But there is only one YOU.
  • 7:07: Don’t let F.E.A.R. hold you back. 
  • 9:44: You’ve got to adopt discipline into your habits in order to see the results.
  • 10:53: Scared money don’t make money. Don’t count the no’s and start counting the yes’ by switching your mindset from negativity to opportunities. 
  • 13:45: Everyone isn’t meant to be an entrepreneur. Some people just have expensive hobbies.
  • 15:31: How to tell you really want to become an entrepreneur.
  • 17:56: Why having a job can help you grow your business and there’s no shame in having a 9 to 5.
  • 26:28: Being an entrepreneur allows you choices: not only choose to build your business but also allows you to choose yourself.
  • 32:55: Find the joy in what you do by identifying your Zone of Genius.
  • 36:41: The real truth to attract a success-oriented partner that is aligned to your entrepreneur journey.

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