March 3, 2019

At the Table with BumbleBff

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At the Table with BumbleBff


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I don’t know about you ladies, but as I’ve grown older, it’s kind of hard making friends. I’ve been fortunate to have known some of my friends for many years, some from as far as since I was four-years-old but the majority live out of town. Some aren’t too far, for example Los Angeles or Arizona, but it can still be hard to find time to even see them. Others are further like New York City, Washington DC, or even Shanghai. It’s super cool to be able to say I have a cross-country or even worldwide tribe but with the distance + time differences I have yearned for some friendships closer to home. Plus, I’m sure Zell doesn’t care to hear all my whining and honestly as a man, he just doesn’t get it nor do I expect him to.

So, in order to grow my local tribe, I have been making an attempt to put myself out there more which requires being social, lol. I’ve met some awesome women over the past few years as I’ve made that effort but have slowed down considerably. It can be somewhat draining to find like-minded friends, I mean, honestly it’s kind of like dating!

If you know you can do better, then do better.
From left: @kendrajayy, @simplyytori, @thaianablot

Note: this post is sponsored by bumblebff.

But, it’s also great when someone or something makes it easy for you which is why I jumped on the chance to meet more like-minded ladies via bumblebff by attending their At the Table event. I’ve noticed bumblebff has been making a considerable effort in the Vegas with wellness and networking events across the valley. Las Vegas is such a transient town so people have the tendency to sometimes come and go. While I have a huge family network here, many others don’t so I can’t help but think that having a supportive framily (friends who are family) would perhaps keep them here longer. All of which I feel like BumbleBff is really trying to nurture.

I didn’t really know what to expect with the event but let’s just go ahead and say I had a great time and my only compliant is I wish we all could’ve hung out longer. We were invited to have dinner and cocktails at 7th & Carson downtown and were seated privately on their patio. Lucky for us the weather was amazing although it had snowed twice the week before (I know, CRAZY for Las Vegas).

We all broke bread together (okay, more like naan, lol) and discussed the struggles we felt as women in different stages in our lives. While I was lucky to know some of the ladies, some I had never met before and thankfully we all clicked – well at least I felt we did. Conversation flowed easily and there was never a moment when there were any awkward silences.

And oh, the food! Everything, and I mean EVERYTHANG, was so freaking good. Fried chicken, arugula + pear salad, mozzarella pizza, and the sliders – my fave – were delicious. For dessert they served a hot and satisfying smores dip with graham crackers. I honestly couldn’t get enough of everything and can’t wait to check out more of 7th & Carson.

We ended the night with the task to write a letter to ourselves, whether past, future, or present, whomever may even need it more. As it was Black History Month and with all of us being various shades of black women, it seemed fitting to nurture these vulnerabilities amongst such positives souls. As the night ended, I felt like my girl tribe had extended a bit with people I genuinely could connect with.


So thankful for Kendra, BumbleBff and 7th & Carson for hosting this awesome night. It was much needed.

From left: @theventgaljay. @eventkirk, @psambalamb, @thainablot, @kendrajayy, @simplyytori

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