May 4, 2019

Give Back Luncheon – Zuma Las Vegas

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Give Back Luncheon – Zuma Las Vegas


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Lately I’ve been feeling selfish – like the I’m in my own bubble and only worried about my immediate circle selfish. And that’s honestly because I’ve had so much going on in my world. We just sold our home of seven years (why am I so emotional??), bought a new home (that doesn’t feel like home yet) and returned from out of the country all within the week (hence why this post is late). Needless to say, my time has been limited and all over the place at the same time. So I’ve been protective of where I spend my time.

With that in mind, I do wish I spent more time doing things for others but it’s super hard for me to draw the line. My therapist says I’m truly empathetic – meaning I can truly feel someone’s emotions. And while that sounds so endearing it’s problematic as I become emotional codependent, having my mind spiral about someone else’s issues and problems when I have my own crap to handle. It’s taken me awhile – and I’m still learning – to have that boundary.

So when my time is limited and I’ve got to protect my heart, I’m careful with what I lend my heart and time to.

So when my time is limited and I’ve got to protect my heart, I’m careful with what I lend my heart and time to.

Our amazing host, Patty

However, when blogger Patty Barba of Stilettos and Sin City reached out to me to see if I could attend I didn’t hesitate to start finding childcare arrangements for Lucky, LOL! First, I have an immense amount of respect for Patty. If you follow her on Instagram, she is real, kind, sweet, and endearing – and even more so in person (also, the woman is a fellow Capricorn and is absolutely gorgeous!). Before I actually met Patty I had always respected her for clothing boutique, Patty’s Closet. And when the social media universe led us to meet at an event years ago, I instantly just loved the woman. Seriously, she’s all that + a bag of chips – and I don’t care how old that saying is, LOL.

Patty hosts a Give Back Luncheon each year and chooses a cause to support that is dear to her heart. This year she chose to center the event around Rockin’ 4 Rescues, an amazing organization that works across the US to help the needs of rescued animals. And when I say rescued animals, I mean ALL animals, not just dogs and cats, but even pigs! Sam Ratcliffe, the organization’s Director, Media Relations & Correspondence, joined us that evening to share how the team has the best interest at heart for the animals they help save and how we can do even more to help.

Sam giving us all the deets about Rockin 4 Rescues

To do my part, I donated a dog bed, a small bag of dog food and a toy. When I initially purchased the items, I didn’t feel like I was doing much because my own beloved dogs, Daisy and Buddy, have a plethora of these items. But when Sam shared how many animals are euthanized in Las Vegas alone – over 13,000 – I knew my small donation actually meant something. I adopted both Daisy and Buddy, her from Craiglist and he from a family member, and it just breaks my heart to think of them not having a home. So while my donation may seem simple, Sam assured us that every little bit counted.

The event itself was hosted at Zuma Las Vegas inside the Cosmopolitan. Funny story/side note- I worked at the Cosmopolitan for about 6 years so it holds a special place in my heart. This restaurant overlooks the famous Las Vegas Strip so it has a great view but even better the food is out of this world. Just take a look at all this goodness below. If you were to ask me what was one of my favorites, I definitely struggle because it was ALL good. I mean, look at that dessert platter. EVERYTHANG was delicious and that’s even rare to happen.

Rock shrimp with chili tofu
Softshell crab with wasabi mayo
Salmon and tuna tartare
Sliced yellowtail sashimi, green chili relish, ponzu & pickled garlic
Chef’s selection of sushi & maki
Black cod marinated in saikyo miso wrapped in hoba leaf
Asparagus with wafu sauce and sesame
Jumbo tiger prawn with yuzu pepper
Zuma dessert plate

To solidify the night, I WON TICKETS TO SEE ARIANA GRANDE! And then, when I got home, I had probably THE best goodie bag in the world (had to watch my IG stories to see all of that).

And I didn’t get to share with you all the awesome ladies I got to meet and hang with for the night. Like I began this post – I’ve been pretty selfish and keeping to my own circle lately but this event definitely forced me to open up, get out, socialize and all for a great cause. And I’m so thankful for it.

A special thank you to Patty Barba, Zuma Las Vegas, Hot 97.5, as well as all the amazing sponsors that supported this great event and evening.


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