May 7, 2019

Forum Shops Spring Blogger Fling

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Forum Shops Spring Blogger Fling


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Even with living in Las Vegas since I was four, I could seriously spend days strolling around the The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. Beyond the iconic architecture (side note: they were the first to do the ceilings depicting the sky in Vegas), the epic shopping destination always hosts unique and luxurious offerings. And as a shopper myself, I love being able to share some of the latest and greatest places there.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m no stranger to The Forum Shops (check this and this previous post). So when I was invited back to visit a set of stores I hadn’t had the chance to go to yet, I happily made arrangements for Lucky to have a daddy/daughter day and met up with a few other bloggers to have an exciting day because this mama REALLY needed it!

Our day started at Rimowa, a high quality and premium travel luggage company. Now I’d be lying if I shared I had heard of Rimowa before this visit, but I now know that I’ve been admiring it for some time. The 120-year-old company creates those iconic industrial, contemporary luggage bags made of aluminum and polycarbonate that many other luggage manufactures attempt to copy but use cheap materials (::cough:: plastic ::cough::). They are truly THE real deal with each piece of luggage being treated as an investment piece.

To show how incredibly sturdy and durable these pieces are, the assistant store manager, Cesar, shared with us how one customer had a bag that endured over 2 million miles, wars, plane crashes and still remained usable for many years. Certainly it was scratched up from all that action, but in my opinion it gave it character. Note that the Rimowa pieces need more – these luggages come in several different colors and finishes that can fit anyone’s style and preference. And if you want to spice it up even more, you can easily add on of their many stickers to display all the countries and places you visited (the store even let us decorate one as a group! Check out the photo!). Since we’re a traveling family and have wasted plenty of money on cheap luggage in the past, the Rimowa luggage pieces are definitely worthy investing into.

We then headed over to Club Monaco, which I instantly fell in love with. Their new concept store is ALL the vibes: muted, chic, with pops of strategic color. Even beyond the fab clothes, I could’ve hung out in this store for a while.

Our awesome host, Danielle, shared with us that the Las Vegas and Miami store were the only ones of their kind and really ushered in a new look for the brand. Even their fitting rooms had different lighting options available, the purple being the Vegas lighting, so you can see how your clothes appeared in different lighting. I was happy to know I wasn’t the only one who felt like my clothing looked different in lighting with a yellow tone, LOL. The clothing to me appeals to multiple ages, body types and tastes. It has west cost appeal with east coast classy. Everything from their jeans, dresses, jumpsuits, leather jackets, even their accessories were so on point – guys I couldn’t bought this whole store.

Thankfully, Club Monaco was feeling VERY generous to us that day and gifted each of us an outfit! You’ll have to catch my future Instagram post to see which one I went with!

Once we were all done with Club Monaco, we shot across to Robert Graham for a pleasant surprise: they now have women’s clothing! I’ve known about Robert Graham for men for YEARS. The retailer has always made iconic men’s shirts, jackets, and even socks, some even being limited editions. Well thankfully, they have no extended their amazingness to a women’s collection and the only complaint I have is I wish there was more!

Vibrant maxi dress that could be worn from day to night

The dresses and matchy-matchy sets were SO incredibly cute. I could have totally seen me rocking so many of their items. Seriously, their attention to detail for one piece of garment is unparalled. Even their cologne bottles are uniquely shaped like cognac bottles making them the perfect stand out gift. And thankfully our host shared that this is just the beginning for their women’s collection and that the company planes to extend it.

Next, we strolled over to Ray-Ban, and let me just say this: I’ve always held out on buying a nice pair of sunglasses but after visiting this store I don’t know why I’ve ever hesitated. AND I now see why Ray-Ban is so highly respected: not only do they manufacture high quality items, but they also have a huge selection of classically shaped glasses for every face shape and style preference. I would say it’s overwhelming, but for me it was like a playground – what glass shape did I NOT like?

Our host also pointed out to us a few pairs that were limited edition and only sold at a few stores. As I mentioned, The Forum Shops truly has some incredible gems and this Ray-Ban store is amongst one of them, being one of the few stores to carry select items. If you are a Ray-Ban fan, you should definitely make a stop here.

After all that shopping, we definitely worked up quite an appetite and found our way to the iconic and beloved Sushi Roku. I’ve been fortunate to dine at Sushi Roku over the years and it NEVER gets old. If you are a fan of REAL sushi, this is your place.

Our host, restaurant manager Johnny, started our lunch with an overview about the different cuts of sushi from a tuna as well as providing a hands on tutorial of how to make a sushi roll.

We then sat down to our AMAZING and flavorful lunch, which included options from their new vegan menu as well as the delicious sake offerings. And OMG, the desserts! It’s an understatement to say I loved EVERY bite that I took that day.

Overall, it was an awesome day for me to get away and have some time with my lady bloggers as well as check out new stores and their offerings. But don’t take my word for it – the next time you’re in Vegas, please head on over to The Forum Shops and see all the greatness they have available.

Thank you SO much to The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace team, especially Maureen Crampton, for hosting us, as well as Christie Moeller of ICanStyleU and the wonderful hosts at Rimowa, Club Monaco, Robert Graham, Ray-Ban, and Sushi Roku!

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