February 20, 2018

Forum Shops Blogger Event: Pamper Yourself

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Forum Shops Blogger Event: Pamper Yourself


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On Saturday, February 10, I had the luxury of getting an exclusive experience at the world-renowned Forum Shops at Caesars Palace along with a group of Las Vegas bloggers.  Invited by icanstyleu.com’s Christie Moeller and hosted by the Forum Shops, the event centered on pampering yourself and it certainly was all of that and more.

We started the event being lead by our own gladiator, who definitely was easy on the eyes and such a good sport handing all of us ladies.

He lead us first to Sephora, which was far from a regular Sephora.  If you can believe it, this store was a super Sephora that is larger than your average store.  Due to that, it had far more amenities and offerings.  We were given a great overview of their fragrances, highlighting the Jo Malone collection.  Specifically I loved how this collection was a full experience, suggesting an incredibly moisturizing lotion before applying as well as beautiful packaging for every purchase.

Another great thing I didn’t know is that at Sephora you can actually get your fragrance bottle engraved which certainly personalizes a gift, whether to someone else or yourself.  The associates then went over the vast amount of highlighters they offer and how they can be used in a multitude of ways.  As a parting gift, they gave us all super cute gift bags with the best Sephora goodies!

Next stop our gladiator took us to Tory Burch.  I’ve always been a fan of the brand, but after getting a break down from the store associate, I can tell Tory is all about women power.

Tory ensures each of her stores has an orange entry as it is her signature color.  At this store in particular the entryway is adorned with photos of her parents that highlight where her stylish style originated.

Additionally, Tory finds inspiration in many things, whether it be her family, a print she saw in a different country or an experience.  She then translates that into her work as well as her products.  Lastly, it was awesome to know that each year she helps women with starting their own businesses, mentoring them from start to finish to ensure that they are represented in the world and give them an opportunity in funding that they may not have had.

In addition to all of that, her latest collection is definitely eye-catching.  I love the loud prints, embroidery and beading.  And most of all I wish I could have and afford it all.

Our gladiator then took us to our last stop which was Lululemon.  Surprisingly as an avid stretch pants wearer, I have never been in a Lululemon store before.  We were greeted by one of their associates who shared that their brand is all about functionality and comfort for all men and women.  I was surprised to learn that they have a men’s collection in addition to their vast women’s items.  An interesting tidbit: all the mannequins in the store are modeled after real human bodies so that customers can have an idea of how the clothes will actually look on someone.  Additionally, this store in particular hosted complimentary wellness events such as walking, running, or yoga on the Las Vegas strip.

Probably my favorite part about their store was that they were highlighting Chinese New Year thru wellness, which included these awesome signs:

In all, it was really a fun day!  I always love experiencing and learning about new things and this definitely brought fresh perspective to brands I already knew of and ones I was not so familiar with.  Can’t wait to explore my city again soon.



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