June 13, 2019

Father’s Day at Fashion Show

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Father’s Day at Fashion Show


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Fashion Show truly made it easy to celebrate Father’s Day as it truly is a destination and one-stop shop from not only gifts but also all the yummy restaurants.

Time is definitely flying. I mean, here we are, already mid-way thru 2019. Lucky is 9 months old. I don’t know where time is going but it’s not stopping for anyone. I’m one of those people who realize at the last minute a birthday, milestone, or holiday is right around the corner and have to figure out what I’m getting as a gift. Thank goodness in Las Vegas we have amazing shopping options and Fashion Show is always at the top of my list. With Zell heading off to military leave for a whole month during June (I know, I know, major sad face over here!), Fashion Show truly made it easy to celebrate Father’s Day as it truly is a destination and one-stop shop from not only gifts but also all the yummy restaurants.

The Dress Sneaker

To check out the great gift options available, definitely check out toMacy’s Men’s– yes, a whole Macy’s dedicated to men – to see their amazing shoe department featuring The Dress Sneaker. This shoes allows a man to effortlessly go from day to night and the great thing about this collection is that it includes styles for every type of style and occasion, from going out, casual, or even work wear. Seriously, some of these shoes were super fancy and snazzy with crystals, studs, and even leopard print. While Zell modeled the flashy ones well, his style is a bit more toned down so he especially liked the Cole Haan shoes, mentioning they were really comfortable.


If you are looking for something very unique for the dad in your life, head on over to Nordstrom, check out the Bugatchi shirt collection. These shirts fit Zell so well, not only the silhouette but also the patterns. All of the Bugatchi shirts were so unique but also had amazing quality. Probably my favorite was the short sleeved shirt with flowers – it was super unexpected in terms of detail but had such a fun element to it.

Leisureware, Cologne & Luggage

Also at Nordstorm there are great gift options for all dads including leisureware, cologne sets, and functional luggage pieces. For leisureware, the Daniel Buchler set is stylish yet comfy and have several options available in terms of color and coordinating pieces. The Briggs & Riley luggage pieces are incredibly durable and functional, providing practical pockets for easy storing for all devices. Lastly, Nordstrom has a tremendous amount of cologne sets from many designers, ranging from Hermes to John Varvatos, Versace to Gucci. Each set typically includes cologne plus perhaps complimenting lotion, after shave or may even be encased in a unique packaging, which honestly makes finding a gift super easy.

Lolli & Pops

Zell is a huge candy fan so I thought it would be great to check out Lolli & Popsan old school like candy shop that features candies from all around the world. We literally could have spent hours hanging and snacking in here – there is so much good stuff! You are bound to find something that will fulfill any dad’s tastebuds. I mean, even their gummy bears are AMAZING. The flavor is unreal. They even have chocolate covered ones. There are also great boozy infused treats, super rice krispy treats, Harry Potter themed candies, nostalgic candy and sodas and seriously just about everything you could want. I of course couldn’t leave without getting a ton of treats for Zell – and myself, LOL.

El Segundo Sol

After having that crazy sugar high, we headed to El Segundo Sol for some delicious and fresh Mexican cuisine. We started with table-side guacamole and some cocktails, a Margarita Primero for Zell and a Prickly Pear margarita for me. We were both in the mood for tacos so I got the shrimp tacos that were super crispy and flavorful while Zell opted for the mahi mahi fish tacos. To top off our great lunch, we had Tres Leches which was a unique take on the traditional dessert: the cake was custardy and the hint of cinnamon was delicious.

As you can see overall, Fashion Show has everything you need to make Father’s Day special for any dad out there, from just finding a unique gift or even having a full unique day. Be sure to check out these great spots the next time you visit!

This post is in collaboration with Fashion Show in Las Vegas, NV.

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