July 11, 2019

Athleisure Wear at Fashion Show Las Vegas

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Athleisure Wear at Fashion Show Las Vegas


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Lorna Jane athleisure Xena Booty Ankle Biter Tights Bra

We all know the saying: summer bodies are made in the winter. Well lo and behold, it’s already peak summer and this mama ain’t been working hard on making that summer bod. Blame mommyhood, working, life, whatever but it’s time to kick this into gear and there’s no better time than now! Even more so, there are such awesome athleisure options out there – and you can find them all at the Fashion Show here in Las Vegas! Gone are the days of boring, basic workout clothes. No need to settle for plain leggings, tanks and sports bras. With athleisure you can look stylish while being functional – now I call that super-multi-tasking if I don’t say so myself.

If you head over to the Fashion Show you’ll find an amazing assortment of athleisure options ranging from everyday workout wear to cute and sporty dresses and romper. It’s exciting to see how different brands have such unique takes on the whole athletic clothing trend. So I’m happy to share just a small snapshot of all the hot pieces I found and loved.

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Not Your Typical Athleisure – Lorna Jane

At first glance, you might think Lorna Jane is all about workout apparel but once you step inside, you really get a sense of the founder’s philosophy. It’s not all about athletic wear and looking good – Lorna Jane wants you to feel good too! The entire store exudes positive vibes, with photos of Lorna Jane herself, notes about loving your body, and even the fitting rooms have workout and meal tips!

Born out of Austraila and named after its founder, the brand accomplishes this a variety of ways including only using top quality fabrics that literally feel like butter. And no worries about any of your goodies showing: these leggings are not see thru at all when you bend over. The sports bras give awesome coverage and support for even this mama’s DDs.

And while Lorna Jane has your basics covered, the store’s sweet spot are their unique patterns and colors that they only do in limited runs – meaning once they’re gone it’s never coming back. Knowing this, I had to snag this military green set: I loved the sexy cut outs but also because it hugged all the goodies just right.

Flashy Yet Comfy Athletic Gear- Neiman Marcus

Iridescent Hoodie - Neiman Marcus - Athleisure - Koral

If you’re really looking for some unique pieces, then head on over to Neiman Marcus to see their plentiful athleisure section for women. There you will find all kinds of sets and pieces available for working out but also for relaxing. For example this Koral Activewear pink and army green hoodie and sweat set by was so comfy yet stylish. I literally could have worn this to be or to the airport, all while not looking like a hot mess. Pair with a set of matching tennis shoes and you have a whole outfit! Neiman’s also had flashy athleisure pieces such as this Koral Activewear iridescent hoodie and tights. Talk about taking your fitness wardrobe to the next level.

The New Classic Workout Wear – Nordstrom

Right now the 90s are making a comeback in all ways fashion and athleisure is not an exception. Becoming majorly popular again are brands such as FILA and Champion that my teenage heart remembers wearing awkwardly but let me tell you, these aren’t the same old sporty clothes!

Both brands have distributed fresh takes on athleisure-wear including rompers, dresses, windbreakers, track pants, and oversized sweatshirts all embolden with their classic logos. Honestly, it’s crazy to see these FILA and Champion back and action but I am loving it!

The Fashion in Las Vegas also has great kids swimwear and accessories for all your summer trips!

Everyday Wearable Athleisure – Kate Spade

Athleisure - Kate Spade - Windbreaker

If you are looking for athleisurewear that’s a bit more polished yet still comfy, than head on over to Kate Spade where you’ll find clean and fresh takes on the fashion trend. The Fashion Show’s Kate Spade store is only one of twenty stores to offer the brands athleisure line in-store and it definitely doesn’t disappoint.

The sweatshirts are ridiculously comfy while allowing you to dress them up or down. The fabrics of both their long-sleeved and short-sleeved dresses felt so darn good. I loved the little details that made Kate Spade’s athleisure different with unique lace backs with drawstrings, logo’d sleeves, even her comfy shoes had the signature “spade”. Probably my favorite was the windbreaker with dramatic sleeves, because who doesn’t want a little drama in their athleisure clothes. Throw on a Kate Spade crossbody aka fanny pack and you’ve got a whole look!

Again, this is just a small sample of all the awesome athleisure options at The Fashion Show in Las Vegas. There is literally something for every taste or style, summer bod or not!

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