September 19, 2019

The Best of Baby Month at Walmart

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The Best of Baby Month at Walmart


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As much as we all adore these amazing little humans, taking care of babies can get expensive! Thank goodness Walmart has all parents’ backs with their semi-annual Best of Baby event this entire month of September!

My Favorites From Best of Baby Month

Online and at your local Walmart you can find exclusive savings on all sorts of baby essentials. And don’t fret if an item isn’t in stock: they also offer free 2-day shipping or next day shipping on many items! So make sure to take advantage of ALL 30 days of online savings – we’re talking hundreds of items from top brands my friends! Literally there are over 700 ways to save!

And I’ve got to mention probably one of my faves: if you trade in your old car seat you can receive a $30 gift card (ends Saturday, September 21)! You could literally turnaround and use that gift card to save on so many items at Walmart. What items you say? Well, how about some of my other favorites savings, ranging from essentials like strollers, play centers and baby monitors as well as some awesome goodies that have made Lucky’s bath time and bedtime routine easier.

Need more ideas? Well, I’ve done some homework for you so let’s check all the savings!

Stroller Systems

After traveling with a baby, I’ve found that having a different needs makes complete sense. Check out these for all different stages of your little one as well as flexibility for your daily needs.

Car Seats

As Lucky has gotten older, she’s just growing like a weed! I’ve realized it’s time to get a larger car seat and thank goodness Walmart has us covered. I actually picked up the Graco 4-1 because it will grow with her and because it has the convenient cup holders to secure her beloved sippy cup, LOL.

Play Centers, Bouncers & Chairs

Although Lucky is almost walking, I don’t know what I’d do without all the play centers, bouncers and chairs. Especially when I’m getting ready in the morning for work or trying to rush out the door, these beauties came in very handy to keep her entertained as well as increase her motor skills.

Baby Furniture Essentials

You can never be without your baby furniture essentials! Even as she grows, Graco Pac n Play has been awesome for traveling or for nights Lucky stays over with grandparents. And having an easy cleaning high chair is a life saver!

Baby Monitors

It’s always nice to keep an eye on baby – and there are SO many options now a days for every preference and budget. We personally use the V-Tech Safe & Sound audio monitor and it does the job for us. And even though she isn’t technically talking, I think this option has helped Lucky become super verbal as lets us know when she’s ready to get out our crib. You’ll see below she’s holding it in her hands as she has an idea it does something with sound! These little ones are so smart!

Bath Time Favorites

A true water lover, Lucky LOVES bath time. It really is her time to splash and play with her toys. We also like to use Johnson’s Bed Time Bath and Lotion as it really seems to relax her and set the mood for an easy bedtime.

Baby Pajamas & Books

Almost as much as she loves bath time, Lucky loves her books. Once we get her out the bath and put her into her pajamas, we allow her to pick a book which we read to her. While she has a pretty nice selection, she often opts for the classic “Goodnight Moon”.

Don’t forget: you have until September 30 to snag these amazing savings as well as many more online or at your local Walmart. Seriously, do not miss out on the best of baby month at Walmart!



Lucky bath mixed curly hair baby
Lucky bath mixed curly hair baby
Lucky bath mixed curly hair baby crayola squirt bath toys
Lucky curly hair bed time Frozen Elsa pajamas reading book
Lucky curly hair bed time Frozen Elsa pajamas
Lucky curly hair bed time Frozen Elsa pajamas
Lucky curly hair bed time Frozen Elsa pajamas

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