September 24, 2019

Lucky’s One In a Melon – Watermelon First Birthday

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Lucky’s One In a Melon – Watermelon First Birthday


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Okay, this is wayyyy over due, but blame me and the many hats that I wear for taking a whole month to FINALLY post about Lucky’s very first birthday party, a watermelon theme extravaganza. That right my friends, our little Lucky is a whole year old already. It’s nuts and incredible at the same time. I know I’m not alone in that we prayed so, so hard for this incredible little human being and witnessing her blossom thru life has been so an honor. She provides nothing but love and joy to us daily.

Because she is such a special part of our hearts, I set out to make sure she had a fun and memorable birthday party – at least for the adults and kids who could remember, LOL. Because let’s be honest, there’s no way Lucky will remember this day but you best believe I have ton of pics capturing it.

One In a Melon Watermelon first birthday theme balloon baby outfit mama dada shirt

Why One In a Melon – Watermelon-theme

Leading up to the day, I could not figure out a theme for her birthday. Originally I set out to do a classic pink and gold party. But then while looking at cute baby tutus, I went down an Etsy rabbit hole and saw THE CUTEST watermelon-themed outfit and I just knew that the One In a Melon theme was perfect. With our journey thru infertility and IVF, Lucky truly is one in a million.

One In a Melon Watermelon first birthday theme balloon baby cup favor

Where to Buy the Decor

While planning the party, I was in the middle of planning my launch for my very first e-course, For Da Gram, so my time was a bit all over the place. But I also knew I needed to streamline things as much as possible. So most of the items I got for the party was ordered online, including the candy bar and watermelon party favor cups. We also got our “Mom” and “Dad” shirts as well as Lucky’s outfit from Amazon.

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How I Prepped for Her First Birthday

I also wanted to keep the day super easy. So, I prepped the house with decorations and as much food as possible the night before. I also started smoking the barbecued meat early that morning to ensure it was hot and ready when the guests arrived. Also, I didn’t plan any games or activities as I knew Lucky would eventually tire and need to settle down so I made sure festivities kept moving. To keep all the kids busy we put on YouTube and they had a fun dance party. Thankfully everything went off without a hitch!

One In a Melon Watermelon first birthday theme balloon baby smash cake Lucky

The Watermelon Cake

Probably my favorite part of the day was Lucky eating her smash cake! My dear friend and fellow army wife Gia made this amazing Pinterest-worthy cake as well as a small watermelon smash slice. You can see Lucky quickly figured it out and devoured it.

Lucky only ended up crying only twice at her party – once probably from a sugar high – and had a ton of fun with her family and friends. It truly was an awesome day and I’m so thankful for all that celebrated it with us. Check out all the photos from the day!

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