October 8, 2020

Dr. Martens at Fashion Show

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Dr. Martens at Fashion Show


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While the rest of the country is cooling down and is in full swing of getting into fall, it’s still almost 100º+ daily in Las Vegas! But that still hasn’t stopped me from having dreams of autumn fashion. And certainly top of the list are boots! I mean, it doesn’t get more fall than a great boot for the season. Just in time to fulfill my longing for cooler weather, Dr. Martens at Fashion Show to celebrate the 60th anniversary of their iconic 1460 boot as well as check out all of their Original Icon styles!

The Icon: 1460 Boot

I can definitely say what I love so much about Dr. Martens overall is how versatile yet comfortable all their styles are. So it’s definitely hard to choose a favorite! Starting out, I tried on the iconic 1460 boot and it does not disappoint. Slick and stylish, you could definitely dress these up or down but either way you are making a true statement.

The Jadon Boot

If you’re looking to take the 1460 boot up a notch, then Dr. Martens’ Jadon boot is for you. This boot keeps all of the original details of all Dr. Martens — grooved edges, yellow stitching and a heel-loop — yet adds a chunky, platform sole that has a bold presence. You can’t help but feel a bit elevated – literally and figuratively – while wearing them! I would definitely wear the Jadon boots with flowy skirts and dresses, and even skinny jeans.

1461 Shoe & 2976 Boot

For those who are wanting the Dr. Martens’ comfort but want to switch up their style, then the 1461 shoe or 2976 boot provides variety with the same Dr. Martens’ flair. The 1461 shoe is an Oxford style that sits under the ankle, and like many of Dr. Martens, comes in a variety of colors and finishes. The 2976 boot is also a classic Chelsea style with a tougher and more rugged look. Both overall are built with quality and with the same awesome details you can find from all Dr. Martens’ shoes and boots.

Again, you can find all these iconic styles from Dr. Martens in all sorts of colors and finishes for wearing year round! Any of these classics are worthy to add to your closet for this fall season and you can find a plethora of options by visiting the Dr. Martens store inside Fashion Show Las Vegas!

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