October 14, 2020

Finding Balance as a Content Creator with Samantha Harris

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Finding Balance as a Content Creator with Samantha Harris


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If you struggle with creating content you are not alone. Publishing content is important for your online business. Coming up with creative content ideas shouldn’t be difficult. Today Samantha from Ahfro Baang, is in the guest chair. Samantha is an author, YouTuber, and natural hair icon. She’s been creating content for years and shares her journey with how she learned to create new content that her audience loves as much as she does. Listen in as Samantha shares tips on how to create creative content and how to find enjoyment in your content creation again.


Points Worth Listening To

  • How Samantha got started as a blogger. (3:02) 
  • How Samantha finds unique ways to present her content. (5:42) 
  • “It’s always good to be open to learning more technology.” (6:30)
  • What tools Samantha uses for creating content. (8:21) 
  • “Use what you have, learn with what you have, learn with the camera that you have.” (13:26) 
  • “I think the biggest thing is that you just have to get started.” (14:20)
  • Samantha’s health journey and how she’s adding health to her platform. (33:18) 
  • “It’s about being assertive and creating your own lane.” (49:56) 
  • Actionable tips on how to get started as a blogger. (52:56) 


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