December 9, 2020

The Ultimate Influencer & Blogger Gift Guide

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The Ultimate Influencer & Blogger Gift Guide


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Starting out as a blogger, podcaster, or YouTuber can be pricey! As social media is incredibly visual driven, you want to ensure you show up as your best self and that typically means using quality items. Whether you are a seasoned influencer or know an up and coming blogger, podcaster or YouTuber check out this gift guide that will help them (or you) deliver amazing content.

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Photography & Video Equipment

Canon T8i

While starting out, many times as a blogger, influencer or YouTuber you will need to record or photograph yourself. Sure, a selfie in your phone can easily get the job done but if you want to kick your quality up a notch, then snagging this Canon T8i will help! This DSLR camera a convenient flip our screen in addition to wifi to connect to you phone. I then use the Canon Connect app to use my phone as a remote for my photos.

Canon 50mm Lens

Most DSLR camera’s come with standard lens but quite honestly they do not provide the best quality. If you’re looking to curate and brand your images, then getting this 50 mm f/1.8 lens will easily give your photos and video a smooth and milkly background with you being the main focus. There are many “nifty-fifty” lens but this is the most affordable and

Ring Light

Whether for an Instagram Live, a quick photo shoot or great lighting for a selfie, a ring light can make the world of a difference. I love this one as it has holders for your phone but still works great for your camera.


Many think they can just get away with setting up their camera on anything. But you then risk it falling and ruining your investment. Instead, get an affordable yet secure tripod. This one has worked for me now for years and I use it often to take photos of myself or while recording videos.

Podcast Equipment


As a podcaster, sound quality reins supreme. These AirPods provide great and affordable quality but also allows you to tune into other podcasts via your phone and other Bluetooth devices.

Blue Yeti Microphone

While recording your podcast, if you really want to kick up your sound quality a notch, this microphone will with an affordable price. Tried and true, many beginner and veteran podcasts love the Blue Yeti mic



Needing inspiration for photo shoots, blog posts, and sponsored content? InstaStyle by Instagram influencer Tezza shows you how to curate your photos and create a branded aesthetic effortlessly. And even beyond the content help, it is a continued source of inspiration and beautiful to read thru!


Being an influencer is not only a great side hustle but can become a career. Learn how to work with brands and monetize your social media by reading this renowned book!


Having to keep up on engagement with your growing audience, reaching out to brands and producing content can get incredibly stressful! What’s helped me daily with staying focused is using various CBD products from Equilibria! From drops, capsules, creams, and other products Equilibria’s CBD is unlike any other as it is made by women and with women in mind. And with each order you can receive a free consultation with a CBD specialist to ensure the best results for you! Receive 15% off your first order by using code LIFEBYMJ!


Lightroom Presets

Adobe’s Lightroom can be a game changer in terms of building your social media brand! They make editing your photos super easy and help make your Instagram feed appear cohesive. My go to preset is the Jewel Tone presets which I’ve created and you can easily download here!

Tailwind App

Pinterest is a huge driver for blog traffic and growth. To help automate your pins, use Tailwind to schedule them. I’ve been able to triple my blog views each month since starting to use it and wish I would have sooner!

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