December 22, 2021

What is Human Design with Jessica Lock

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What is Human Design with Jessica Lock


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In this episode, MJ and Jennifer have the opportunity to learn more about human design with a very special guest, Jessica Lock, a Holistic Wellness Coach, and a 500 HR Strala Yoga Guide. Jessica’s mission is to help other ‘go-getters’ find clarity to create a life they truly love. Interested in hearing more about human design and Jessica’s work? Subscribe to this channel and follow Jessica’s podcast, Whole & Unleashed on all platforms.

Points Worth Listening To:

  • 1:56: What is Human Design 
  • 9:03: Breaking Down Human Design
  • 11:49: Determining Your Human Design Type 
  • 12:24: Learning About Your Human Design Type 
  • 18:15: How Understanding Your Design Type Can Help You in Your Life 
  • 25:22: Does Your Human Design Change?
  • 30:50: How Human Design Has Impacted MJ’s Life 
  • 31:14: The Align and Embody Journal 

About Our Guest

Jessica Lock is a holistic wellness, yoga, and human design guide. She helps overwhelmed go-getters recalibrate and find clarity in their lives through her company Whole & Unleashed. Jes is the creator of the Align & Embody journal, a 90 day prompted journal designed to bring you back to yourself and embody the life you want to create. She is also the host of Whole & Unleashed, a podcast about coming home to ourselves where she features chats on fulfillment, spirituality, wellness, and more.

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